7 Vastu Shastra tips for your baby’s arrival

7 Vastu Shastra tips for your baby’s arrival

Here are some suggestions on Vastu Shastra to keep in mind for your baby's homecoming

Vastu Shastra for baby

Vastu Shastra for babyhomecoming!

Vastu Shastra for baby!

Motherhood is one of the most important phases in a woman’s life and along with importance comes responsibility. You want to ensure everything is just perfect for your baby, so why not make her entry into your home as special with Vastu Shastra? A traditional study of architecture and construction, Vastu Shastra is consulted in most property related matters. We spoke to Prasad Kulkarni, MahaVastu Expert and CEO, MahaVastu Mumbai Centrefor Vastu tips to consider when preparing for your baby’s homecoming.

  • North-northeast (NNE) is the health and immunity zone. Avoid shades of red, orange, golden, and yellow here. Place a wooden pyramid or a medicinal plant like Tulsi to enhance baby’s immunity.
  • Use shades of pink, orange, and red if the baby’s bedroom is located in the southern part of the house to enhance the baby’s mental and physical strength. Avoid shades of blue and black particularly from south-southEast (SSE) vastu zone.
  • Use shades of blue and grey, and wallpapers with round and square shapes if the bedroom is located in western part of the house. Similarly, use shades of blue and green in bedroom located in northern segment of the house. Wavy and oval are the preferred shapes for interiors. Basically, avoid interiors with sharp edges.
  • You can place family photographs in southwest (SW). It will strengthen your bond with the baby and help him understand and respect your family values.
  • Avoid calendars portraying photographs of babies in south-southwest (SSW), east-southeast (ESE) and west-northwest (WNW) Vastu zones.
  • Also, avoid storing your baby’s clothes in SSW, it could lead to health problems for him. Store toys in the east-northeast (ENE), SSE, south, SW or west zones.
  • Avoid hammering nails in walls, especially in the northeast and southwest Vastu zones of your house, to avoid unexpected health problems.

Just follow these simple MahaVastu tips and welcome your little one in a happier & healthier way!

If you have any insights, questions or comments regarding the Vastu Shastra for baby, please share them in our Comment box below.

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