7 unimaginable reasons that could be behind your weight gain!

We've listed 7 reasons that you should be looking into, that may be the cause of your increased weight. The 5th is the most common one!

Ever faced a situation, where you feel that you are gaining weight and just unable to understand the cause for the same? Suddenly the flabs bulging out from all possible areas start troubling you and you look at your plate and wonder that you've not increased your eating capacity, then why?

Many issues, especially lifestyle ones are a major cause for a sudden weight gain. Most of the times they go unnoticed in day-to-day life.

We've listed 7 reasons that you should be looking into, that may be the cause of your increased weight. The 5th is the most common one!



1) Sleep Habits

Yes, this one is the most widely spread cause of weight gain. If you do not have a fixed sleeping time and waking up time in the morning, or your sleep is always disturbed even if you have slept for 8 hours, this might hamper your body processes. Watch how you sleep, and what time your sleep daily.

Avoid the usage of the mobile phone just before you go off to sleep, and make sure you are not empty stomach or angry as well. Emotions do impact the quality of sleep.



2) Desk Job

The story of most of the people's lives. Have you ever wondered why you used to be fit and petite when you were in college? But the moment you started working in office and couldn't move around much, you had to rush to buy bigger clothes for yourself?

Constantly sitting in front of the desk or being in one place, causes the entire focus and pressure to be on the belly. It not only causes the bulge, but the energy intake in the form of meals have no way out to be used and invariably gets stored in the body.



3) Medicines

Your innocent pills that you pop may also be the culprit. Certain prescription medicines have side-effects that can lead to sudden weight gain as well.

You need to check with your doctor, to confirm your fears. Try an ask for a substitute to match your body metabolism.



4) Alcohol

Nope, you may feel that drinking helps to get sleep, but it hampers the quality sleep. That in turn contributes to the weight gain.

But also, do not laugh at people who point out at your 'Beer-Belly'. It is not a myth as alcohol plays around with the liver, that leads to improper functioning of fat metabolism.



5) Sedentary Lifestyle

You just get tired traveling, working, taking care of the house that you barely have any energy left for an activity. But the fact is, a physical activity, like a jog, run, playing a sport or going to the gym, not only pumps up your energy, increases your stamina, but also helps to use up all the excess energy intake in the form of food.



6) Skipping Meals

One of the worst mistakes that people make, is to skip a meal. The general mentality is that, to avoid gaining weight, it is better to not eat at all!

Your body needs fuel to conduct its basic metabolic activities, including burning the fat. Hence, when you move towards a crash diet, your body starts saving up the existing energy instead of dispersing it.



7) Hidden Binge Eating

You may eat very small portions during main meals, but have you noticed the hidden in-between munchies? You end up getting tempted and binge on biscuits, chips, chocolates etc between meals.

Yes, do not forget that people offer you some amazing munchies anytime during the day and you just end up 'tasting' them.

Keep a check on all that you eat the whole day. That will also help in controlling your increasing weight.


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