7 things to never say to your daughter-in-law

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Ever wondered why your daughter-in-law won't stop complaining about you? You may unknowingly be saying these 7 things

Some mothers and daughters-in-law get along great, for others, not so much. Though our mums-in-law mean well, they can sometimes come across as a little bit bossy and can be taken the wrong way.

If you want to build a better relationship with your daughter-in-law, avoid saying these things to her, or maybe just rephrase them a little so there aren't any miscommunication.

#1 "I would do it this way"

Your DIL is an adult, and is most likely capable of completing tasks herself. Unless she asks for your help or advice, telling her that you would do something your way would just make her feel as though she's not good enough.

#2 "You shouldn't let your child do this"

This is a big no-no, because you have to remember that those are not your kids. How your grandchildren are raised are to be decided by your son and DIL, and it is a decision in which you should respect unless your grandchild's life is in danger.

#3 "Oh but my son always likes it when I do this"

Your son married your DIL for a reason, and she would already know his likes and dislikes. Telling her that your son likes when you do certain things would only make her feel as though you're trying to compete, and it would not sit well with her.

#4 "Why did you do it that way?"

Apart from sounding rude, this sort of insinuates the fact that what she's doing is wrong, and that you could do a better job. No woman likes to feel as though their house isn't under their control, and she would definitely not appreciate you telling her what to do in her own home.

#5 "When are you going to give me a grandchild?"

Deciding when to have a child should be between the married couple. Asking and bugging her to give you a grandchild will only annoy her. Remember that even though you may be ready to take care of one, they aren't ready. Ultimately, this istheir choice to make.

#6 "You give your child junk food? I would never do that, it's SO unhealthy! I never gave my kids fast food when they were young."

While it is tempting to say such things, you have to remember that when it comes to parenting styles, they belong to your son and DIL. Sure, you can give them advice, but whether they decide to implement such a rule is not up to you.

#7 "Oh I know how their bedtime is at 8pm, but I thought that since they were with me, they could stay up till 10pm."

Boundaries and rules are set for a reason, and it is your duty to respect the rules set by your son and DIL for their children. If you continue to break such boundaries for the children, your DIL may soon start reducing the time you get to spend with your grandkids.

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What are some other things that MILs should never say to DILs? Share with us in the comments box below!

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Pavin Kaur