7 things good husbands do for their wives

7 things good husbands do for their wives

Husbands, if you're not doing these seven things for your wife, it's time to shape up! Check out our list and find out how to be the best husband you can be

Guys, I know it's hard to balance your career and your family life. Hell, it's downright exhausting. But deep down you know that your wife is well worth the effort.

You've got to go above and beyond to make your wife happy. That's why we've crafted a list of 7 things that good husbands do for their wives.

If you aren't doing these 7 things for the love of your life and the mother of your children, it's time to step up your game, guys! After all, a happy wife is a happy life.

Check out our list and find out how to be the best husband you can be:

1. Express your love for herlove

This is a no brainer, but it's also one of the most important things you can do. Good husbands will always tell his wife that he loves her, and show his wife that he loves her. Sometimes, hearing you say "I love you" can be the pick-me-up that she needs. And small unexpected signs of affection are always a guaranteed to put a smile on her face. Try a simple kiss on the forehead, or a surprise hug every now and then to brighten her day and strengthen your marriage.

2. Be cleanly, neat, and tidycleaning

Imagine coming home from a day out, and your home is messy, unsightly, and unsanitary...doesn't sound too nice, does it? Well, if you don't like the concept of an untidy home, surely your wife doesn't either. That's why you've got to be as spick and span as possible. There's a pretty well known stereotype that men are "grosser" and less organised than women. Don't perpetuate the stereotype! Go against the grain and keep your home clean and pleasant, so your wife won't have to. She may not openly thank you for it, but it'll definitely make her happy.

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3. Write her notes


I'm not saying you have to write her love letters, or a romance novel akin to Nicholas Sparks. I'm simply suggesting that a little post-it note or piece of paper with sweet pleasantries written on them can go a long way. Try leaving a few kind, loving words on a note and placing it on her bathroom mirror, in her car, or even in her pocket. When she finds it, she'll know she has a good husband.

4. Handle the daily chores for herchores

Obviously, household duties need to be divided evenly, but from time to time you should be doing her chores. Take the time to do the laundry, iron your clothes, take the trash out, do the dishes, vacuum, or sweep. Do anything to relieve some of the pressures she may feel at the house. It's a small gesture that makes a big difference, and she'll more than appreciate the effort.

5. Prepare meals


Even if you're not exactly the Top Chef, cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your wife will show her you're making an effort. Surprise her with breakfast in bed, or a candlelit dinner that you've worked hard to prepare. Her heart is guaranteed to melt, and she'll love that you're committed to making her happy. Even if your cooking isn't quite as good as your wife's, it's something every man should do for his partner.

6. Compliment her just because you want tolaughing

Positive reinforcement is applicable and efficient in just about any relationship. Marriage is certainly no different. You may think your wife is the most beautiful woman you've ever laid eyes on, and you may think she's the best mom in the whole world...but how often do you tell her? Try complimenting her just for the hell of it. It'll mean a lot to her, and you'd be a better husband for doing it.

7. Talk with her on a deeper level

7 Things Good Husbands Do For Their Wives

Your wife is the best friend you'll ever have. There should be no reason to hold you back from having deep, personal, intimate conversations with her. If you feel like you haven't talked with your wife on a deep, important topic in a while, engage her in conversation. You need to open with her, and in turn, she'll open up to you. Obviously, you talk with your wife all the time, but if it's been too long since you last stayed up talking till the break of dawn, it's time to do so.

Do you do these 7 things for your wife? If not, try them out and let us know how much the love of your life appreciates them!

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