7 secrets of confident kids

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Raising confident kids is vital for your children to be successful when they grow up. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your kids will be confident

Raising confident kids is important for your children to be successful when they grow up. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your kids will be confident in the future.

1. Don't always rescue your kids

It's natural for a parent to be very protective of their child, especially when it comes to their success. However, kids should realise early on that it's okay to fail. Kids should have the chance to learn things on their own and handle failure gracefully without their parents always backing them up.

2. Let your child make decisions

Parents may know what's best for their children, but letting your child decide on his/her own will give your child confidence when it comes to their judgment. However, having too much control can also be overwhelming for your kids.

Start small by giving them options such as what they would want to have for lunch, or what activity they would want to do for the weekend.

3. Focus on the positive

If your child tends to focus more on the negative side of things, help them out by being more optimistic. Instead of just telling them that things will be okay, give them advice on what they can do to improve their situation so that they can get closer to their goals.

Giving them ideas on what they can do better is more helpful than simple reassurance.

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4. Nurture your child's special interests

Try and expose your child to different hobbies and interests and encourage your child to find something that he/she really loves.

These hobbies can help your child connect with other children and it's also something that your kids can be proud of, and this may also extend to other aspects of their life.

5. Encourage problem solving

Don't always solve your child's problems for him/herself. Letting your child figure things out will be very helpful when it comes to building their confidence, and it also builds their problem solving skills.

Starting them young when it comes to problem solving can go a long way.

6. Help others

Helping others can make your child feel more confident. It's also a good way to instill responsibility at a very young age. Try and help out at a nursing home, or at a children's hospital.

Your child will be very grateful for the experience, and the people you help will be very thankful for your help.

7. Think about the future

Talk to your child about his/her future. Visualising their goals at an early age can help them focus better on what they really want in life.

Talk to them about how you got to your current career and about the things that you did to get there. Your child might have very lofty goals at a young age, but never discourage them.

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