These 7 Indian private companies give the most benefits to an expecting mum

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Ideal workplace for an expecting mum is one where policies recognise that different people have different motivation and needs from an organisation, says expert Meenakshi Roy

The foundation of any great workplace is its ability to manage its human resources. Whether it’s health, finance or even holidays, a great institution works on the principle of keeping its employees happy, thereby, increasing productivity.

Off late, India Inc has been making great efforts to retain its female talent. With their extended maternity benefits, childcare plans and even flexible working hours.

Last month, we shared the news of Tata Sons rolling out exclusive policies for expecting mother and even fathers.

These policies included flexi-work timings, 7-month maternity leave, 18 months of half-pay half working day post-maternity leave, secure performance ratings and even 15-days of paternity leave.

The company rolled out policies to make it what human resource professionals term ‘an ideal place to work.’

So how many such companies exist in India and what is an ideal place to work with benefits to an expecting mum?

We find answers in an exclusive interview with Meenakshi Roy, former human resource professional and currently working as a leadership coach.

5 pillars of an ideal workplace

Roy begins by explaining that the five pillars that make for an ideal place to work include:

  • A healthy percentage of women in the organisation
  • Even percentage of women at managerial and executive roles
  • Policy providing flexible working hours and work-from-home options
  • Organisations with policies for parent leave and benefits for child birth or adoption

Roy explains, “An ideal workplace is one where policies recognise that different people have different motivation and needs from an organisation. Such companies weave them together towards common objectives and also ensure respect, transparency and fairness.”

Indian companies are not idealistic policy makers

Indian companies aren’t really there with the policies yet.

Roy explains why, “The cultural nuances of patriarchy inhibit natural progression towards equal treatment. This applies for when allowances are made or similar inputs are needed from employees of different gender. The overall changing work environment and competition is straining the bar that has been set by companies like Tata Sons.”

Top 3 urgent changes that are needed

Roy lists the immediate changes that Indian private companies must include in order to retain female talent.

  • Actively recognising unconscious biases
  • Declaration of intent and commitment right at the top, even at board level
  • Focusing on benefits for parenting (by either father or mother) rather than just mothers

Continue reading to know the top 7 Indian companies that give the most benefits to an expecting mum.

Top 7 Indian companies that give the most benefits to an expecting mum

“Amongst all the companies that make various “lists” and they do meet the set criteria too with respect to the percentage of women employees or managers or executive, policies enabling woman at work; there are many Indian (origin) companies that are best for expecting mums,” says Roy as she lists the top seven.

  • Tata Group
  • ITC
  • Wipro
  • Infosys
  • Mahendra & Mahendra
  • Marico
  • Oberoi Hospitality

“I find that organisations like Tata Group are intrinsically good for women to work in as they approach the business environment with entire community in view,” says Roy.

She adds that or a woman to have a safe, conducive work environment it needs to be thought from the perspective of enabling the entire community and not just with policies for the ‘woman at work.’

She adds, “Companies which come from their philosophy about existing in an entire community and not just in business about product or services will have the approach and culture ingrained through the organisation’s policies and processes.”

expecting mum

An ideal workplace for an expecting mum is one where policies recognise that different people have different motivation and needs from an organisation

Maternity leave policies that work best in India

Roy lists the two most effective maternity leave policies that work best for Indian mums

  • Six months absence with flexible hours for next few months to ease into the rhythm of balancing needs of the child and work
  • Child rearing leave for new parents, be it mother or father

“In my experience here in India, I have seen it usually takes upto a maximum of 18 months to support a new parent,” she says.

Opportunities for new mums in India

“I believe opportunities are there for whoever has the right skill and experience to engage with, they get to pick it up. Which, in this context, we do not have enough; going by way to making a level playing field for mother’s who may have the right skill and experience for that opportunity,” says Roy.

She adds that even though mums may have the right skills and experience, they do not get enough help.

“There are not enough role models, not enough sponsors, not enough by way of conscious community support system or infrastructure designed to create a level play field, it is not just about the organisations and their policies,” explains Roy.

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