6-year-old with down syndrome dominates the dance floor

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When Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) heard of Ana's incredible dancing they decided to pay her a visit in her new dance studio

Little Ana Malaniuk of Edmunton, Canada loves to dance. Since she was 3-years-old, she’s been enrolled in a number of different dance classes and studios.

While Ana (6) loves dance more than most, finding the perfect dance studio has proven to be a challenge for Ana’s mother, Sonja. Ana suffers from down syndrome, so searching for a dance studio that is supportive, friendly, and encouraging is absolutely imperative.

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Source: Sonja Malaniuk

Luckily, the Malaniuks came across Amanda’s Academy of Dance, owned and operated by Amanda Desousa. Since enrolling in the school’s hip-hop and ballet classes, Ana has been inundated with support and adoration from her fellow classmates and instructors.

“It has been amazing at [Amanda’s] studio. Other parents, kids, and teachers don’t treat us any different, and they don’t limit or judge Ana,” Sonja told Today.com

Amanda Desousa is a firm believer that “every child to get the opportunity to dance.” Amanda told Today.com that Ana “fits in in all classes.”

Oh, Ana definitely fits in! Especially since the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) heard of Ana’s incredible dancing and decided to pay her a visit in her new dance studio. They even shared some of the magic from their visit in an adorable video post.

Here are some of the highlights of Ana’s insanely cute dance video:

Ana 2


Ana and her instructor start off nice and easy…but do it in style!

Ana 3

Now the duo really starts to strut their stuff.

Ana 4

Here’s where it really starts to get complex! Talk about impressive. You go, Ana!


You can watch the entire video below through CDSS’ Facebook video post:

How cute was that?

Please like and share the CDSS and Ana’s adorable video to help spread awareness and boost the confidence of kids and parents everywhere to get out there and do what they love most!

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