Another Ryan? 6-year-old Lucknow boy stabbed in school toilet by senior girl

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Ritvik, the six-year-old Lucknow boy, was stabbed in school toilet several times. The boy was found bleeding profusely and unconscious by a school teacher. His mouth was stuffed with a cloth.

A shocking incident happened in Lucknow yesterday that would remind you of the famous Ryan school case. A 6-year-old Lucknow boy was stabbed in the school toilet by a Class 6 girl. Why?  Because she wanted a holiday!

Yes, that’s right! For those who don’t know, 7-year-old Pradhyuman Thakur of Ryan International School in Gurgaon was ruthlessly murdered by a Class 11th boy in September last year. The senior student wanted a holiday next day so that his exam could be called off.

6-year-old Lucknow boy was stabbed school toilet

The incident took place at Lucknow’s Brightland school in Triveni Nagar yesterday morning. Ritvik, the six-year-old Lucknow boy was stabbed in school toilet several times.

The boy was found bleeding profusely and unconscious by the school teacher. His mouth was stuffed with a cloth.

According to the police, the boy has revealed that a “didi” with short, boy-cut hair took him to the toilet. She then thrashed him and stabbed him with a kitchen knife. She also apparently told him that if she harms him, only then would she get a holiday.

“The school informed me that my child had been attacked by a senior girl in the toilet,” the boy’s father told the Police.

The school’s principal has been nabbed for negligence. However, the school maintains that they are taking all precautions.

The assailant had earlier slashed her wrists…

“I am taking all precautions in view of the Ryan International school case. We are also looking at whether it is due to the deadly game ‘Blue Whale Challenge’,” Veena Vyas, the School director told reporters in Lucknow.

A report in The Times of India states that the 12-year-old class sixth girl had also tried to slash her wrists before yesterday’s incident and had displayed “unpleasant behaviour” in the school previously as well.


File Pic: 7-year-old boy Ryan International student Pradyuman Thakur who was found murdered in school washroom in September 2017.

Ritik has been admitted to the Trauma centre in King George’s Medical University and is currently in a stable condition, says Dr Sandeep Tiwari. He also told the media that Ritik had deep wounds on his chest and stomach that indicate he was attacked by a sharp object.

What makes Indian kids so angry?

Whether it was the Pradyuman case or this one, the one thing that is bothering all parents today is that why are our kids so angry all the time? More and more kids these days are found to be aggressive and angry.

Getting upset over small things is not an issue here, but damaging things and hurting others because you couldn’t have your way is an alarming sign. What could be the possible causes?

Television for sure is one. If you compare what we watched when we were kids and what our kids watch nowadays, you’d be shocked! Anger, obsession, rivalry, fighting, jealousy and aggression is a part of all shows that kids watch these days.

aggression in children

Violent behaviour in kids is a result of an inability to cope with emotions

But, the fact is there are so many channels of entertainment today that it becomes tough to shield your child from all of these. So, if you switch off the TV, your child might watch it on mobile or the tablet. The only solution is to limit screen time to the minimum.

Parents, on the other hand, should also be careful of how they behave in front of their kids. If kids see that their parents get flustered over small issues, they would surely follow suit. After all, our kids become what we are in front of them!

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