6 things parents definitely won't miss about the baby stage

6 things parents definitely won't miss about the baby stage

There's something special about the baby stage. However, there may be things you won't be missing anytime soon! Check out our list here!

Last week, we shared an article that highlights some of the things parents miss most about their babies ad they grow older.  While it's easy to look back at that unique time in your child's development and feel sad that the "baby stage" is over.

It's enough to have some parents tearing up, and reminiscing fondly...but, are we looking back at this stage with rose colored glasses?



There's no doubt that there will always be some aspects of the baby stage that you'll miss and cherish in your memories forever. Lest we forget all of the things that you WON'T miss about the baby stage?

Today, we'll be taking a look back at some of the things that you probably wouldn't care to relive. Check out our list of things parents definitely won't miss about the baby stage and let us know if we've made any errors or omissions!

1. Keeping track of bowel movements

Among the many things parents don't miss about the baby stage, typically, the firs thing to mention is...the dirty business. Along with the act of cleaning and managing your baby's bowel movements, you're probably pretty glad that you no longer have to keep track of his/her bowel movements. Potty training was undoubtedly no walk in the park, so to say, but at least you don't have to get your hands dirty and keep track of your baby's number 2 any more!

2. Burp cloths

It's nice to know that at this stage in your kid's life, you don't have to have a handy burp cloth readily available at any given moment. Your growing son or daughter may still be a bit messy, but there's no doubt those days of spit stains on your shirt/top are long gone. In fact, your kid is probably on top of their burping situation all together, and they don't need you to aid them at all.

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3. Thinking about the irony of saying "good"night

A good night's rest comes few and far between when your little bundle of joy is in the baby stage. I needn't go into any further detail about how hard and unstable your sleeping pattern becomes, because I'd be preaching to the choir, but the fact remains that saying "good" night to anyone during this time is a bit of a joke. I mean, are your nights really that good?

4. Dreading the threat of any sound

When you've got a baby in the house, it's not just your sleeping pattern that's erratic, your baby's is too. In fact, you'll find yourself walking on eggshells and doing a number of things to try and keep the house as quiet as possible during nap times. You probably aren't going to miss the undeniable fear, paranoia, and anxiety you felt during nap time.

The very thought of your cellphone ringing, the doorbell going off, or a dog barking could absolutely throw off your baby's nap and possibly your day. Now that time has passed by, your kids aren;t as light of sleepers and may not really nap at all...so now you don't have to worry so much.

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5. Taking an hour to get in and out of the car

Sure. Safety comes first and foremost when you're traveling with your little ones. Unfortunately, if you'll remember properly that means taking a lengthy and extended period of time getting your baby locked and loaded, cozy and safe for that one little car ride.

Obviously, it was all worth it, but there's nothing better nowadays than seeing your kids get into their seat, nestle in and strap on their own seat belt.

6. Toting around a 2-tonne diaper bag

Admittedly, having everything you need in one bag is convenient beyond belief. That's why when your kid is in the baby stage, you'll find yourself strolling around town with a diaper bag that weighs seven times your own body weight.

Now that your kids have developed and grown older, though, they don;t require the same amount of things so you'll find yourself retiring that handy dandy diaper bag.

Not to mention that now your kids are capable of holding their own possessions. You can take a load off...finally!

[H/T] Mom.Me

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