6 Skin care tips guaranteed to keep your baby’s skin protected all winter long

6 Skin care tips guaranteed to keep your baby’s skin protected all winter long

Is your baby’s skin suffering from dryness and sensitivity caused by the harsh winter weather? Read on to find out how to nourish and protect your little one’s skin throughout this season. Presented by Baby Dove.

Winter is a magical time… and with winter comes the promise of comfort foods and warm clothing.

But winter can also be a harsh and difficult time for adult skin. The extreme weather conditions of the winter suck out moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and itchy. For a baby’s sensitive and delicate skin, winter can cause twice the troubles. Especially since a baby’s skin loses moisture up to five times faster than an adult’s skin leaving it prone to dryness and vulnerable to damage. Thus, winter weather causes great havoc to baby skin.

Mums, protect your baby’s fragile skin this winter season with these amazingly simple tips by Baby Dove:

#1 Keep the layers just right

baby in furry dress for winter

Keep the cold at bay with the right amount of clothes. Dressing your baby in too many layers of clothes can cause your baby’s skin to break out in painful, itchy heat rashes. So make sure your baby is not too cold, and not too hot.

To test if your baby is too hot, insert your hand into his/her clothes. If it feels too hot, then remove one layer.

Choose breathable materials over heavy fabrics that can cause your baby to overly sweat and develop rashes. Keep the woolens for when baby is older and can tell you how he or she feels about them!

#2 Weather-proof your baby’s stroller


When out and about, protect your baby from the elements by keeping the stroller cover down or use a plastic rain cover. But make sure your baby can still breathe and make sure to check from time to time.

Keep a blanket handy in case your baby needs additional warmth.

#3 Hydrate

Water is an excellent tool in keeping your baby’s skin soft and supple throughout the winter months. Ensure that your baby stays well hydrated from within. Include liquids such as water and soups in your baby’s diet. Remember to check that the water hasn’t turned too cold before serving.

#4 Limit baths and bath time

baby bath time

Bathing strips away the skin’s natural oils. Especially during winter, skin tends to dry up and chap post bathing. So it is always recommended that bath time for your baby should be kept short. Longer exposure to water means that more of your baby’s skin’s natural oils are washed away, leading to dry and rough skin.

#5 Establish a winter skin care regime  

The complete range of Baby Dove Rich Moisture includes Rich Moisture Baby Bar, Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar, Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion, Rich Moisture Baby Wipes and Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Rash Cream.

For the harsh winter months, be sure to use only the gentlest products that are not only mild but also provide superior moisturisation when bathing your baby. Choose a cleansing bar that is formulated for babies and promises more than just mildness.  Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Baby Bar contains a unique blend of cleansers and moisturisers that leave delicate baby skin soft, nourished, and delicately scented. It replenishes essential nutrients and moisture lost during bath time. Once bathed, a baby’s skin needs to be moisturised on any given day. During winter, the cold, dry air and central heating all work against your baby’s delicate skin. Moisturise your baby’s skin at least twice a day to prevent drying and eczema. Use Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Lotion as it soothes dry skin from first use and provides superior moisturisation. It is ideal for the harsh winter months, as it keeps your baby’s skin soft, supple and moisturised all day long.

#6 And don’t forget the bottoms

It is always best to keep your baby’s bum clean and dry. Change your baby’s diaper often and keep wetness at bay. Whenever possible, clean the area with water and pat dry. But when out and about, you can use gentle baby wipes, like Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Baby Wipes, that  effectively yet gently remove impurities  while instantly moisturising the skin. After cleansing, apply a thin layer of Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Diaper Cream to the area. The cream provides instant comfort from the first use, and immediate protection from the diaper rash.

Don’t stay cooped up indoors all winter! Follow these simple tips that are sure to protect your baby’s delicate skin, and let your little cutie enjoy the magic and wonder of winter!


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