6 siblings, including an infant, charred to death! Shocking!

6 siblings, including an infant, charred to death! Shocking!

The children who lost their lives to the tragic incident were aged between nine months and 11 years. Scary? Looking for some fire safety tips yourself? Read on

The bodies of the six children were recovered from the family’s home in Baltimore, Maryland, according to this report. The tragedy struck when a fire broke at the three-storey home soon after midnight, with the mother and her nine children inside.  The mom and two children were saved by her 8-year-old daughter. The brave girl is fine and fit to be released from the hospital. However, the other three are still in a critical condition.

When their neighbour Delmetria Elmore, looked out of the window, she noticed orange flames, which made her rush out. However, by then the whole house was engulfed in the blaze, says this report, which also mentioned that the cause of the fire is under investigation. Officials identified the bodies to be those of a 9-month-old boy, a 2-year-old boy, 3-year-old twin girls, and 10- and 11-year-old girls.

Spine-chilling, isn't it? It's especially worrisome since the cause of the tragedy is still a mystery. However, that also makes me wonder if the accident was something that could have been stalled?

Continue reading for some essential fire safety tips for you and your family.

Basic fire safety tips

Irrespective of the reason behind a fire accident, as parents and responsible adults, what’s essential for us is to know, and teach our kids, some essential fire safety tips like these:

  • Smoke alarms: These must be installed in every room of your house, on every level. Also, test the smoke alarm at least once in a month to ensure the batteries are charged.
  • Escape plan: Plan and prepare your family with an escape plan. Do a mock drill at least twice in a year.
  • Stay out: If a fire breaks out at home, rush out, and call for help. At any cost, don’t go back inside for anything or anyone.
  • Emergency numbers: Make sure everyone knows the emergency numbers and how to call for help.
  • Educate: Talk to children on a regular basis on the importance of fire safety, dangers of fire, matches and lighters and first-aid tips for minor burns.

Specific fire safety tips for children:

  • Matches and lighters aren’t toys. Never play with matches and lighters. If you see a sibling or a friend play with one, immediately inform a grown up around.
  • Rush out: As scary as a blaze looks, never hide. Instead, get out of the place as soon as possible. Hiding under tables or in closets will just make it more difficult for people to reach out and help you.
  • Stay low: If there is a fire and you know you have to get out, try to bend down and crawl to make reaching easier for you. Also, check whether the door or window is hot before you open it. If it is, figure out another exit.
  • Clothes on fire? Don’t run: If your clothes are on fire, drop down on the ground and roll. NEVER run as it makes fire spread faster.
  • Know your numbers: As important it is to know the phone numbers of your parents, it’s as essential to know the local emergency numbers. Learn them by rote.

Stay cautious, stay safe!

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