6 Mistakes good husbands never make!

6 Mistakes good husbands never make!

These common mistakes could easily turn a good husband into a bad one, if he's not careful! Find out what they are, here.

A great marriage doesn’t just happen by chance. It is the result of effort, commitment, and lots of love and patience. In the same way, a man does not instantly become a good husband as soon as he gets married.

It’s not an exact science and all the self-help books can’t help if he himself isn’t willing to work at it. So for hubbies out there who are constantly striving to be their best selves, here are some more helpful tips to guide you, thanks to Family Share.

1. They don’t listen

Good husbands are good listeners. Conflict often happens when one partner feels she is not heard. Some even lament having to “beg for their husband’s attention,” shares Dr. Vikki Stark of Psychology Today. So being able to listen without interrupting or judging is one of the best traits good husbands have.

2. They don’t help with chores

Simple but so important. The mundane and seemingly unimportant tasks of daily life can become so special when husbands use it as a way for their wives to know they truly care. Good husbands know the value of simply picking up after themselves or pulling their weight. Sharing chores also reflects a good husband’s commitment to sharing responsibilities in other aspects of marriage and family life.

3. They are not gentlemen

Chivalry shouldn’t die just because you’re no longer at the dating stage. Woo your wife and pamper her. Being a gentleman doesn’t simply mean opening the car door for her, it means being considerate of her feelings. It is caring for her just as much as you respect her as an equal.

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4. They make fun of their wives

There’s a difference between playful bickering or lambing and outright humiliation. It’s okay to poke fun at each other, who wants a partner who takes themselves to seriously right? But when it becomes harsh and hurtful, that’s when it becomes toxic to a marriage.

5. They don’t care for their kids

We previously shared how husbands must prioritize their wives so that they can be better parents. In the same way, husbands who don’t care for their kids, or those who think that a paycheck alone will fulfill their family’s needs, have to re-evaluate their priorities. It’s natural to be caught up in wanting to provide the best for your family, but don’t allow it to push what matters most to the sidelines. Show them you love them by spending time, however briefly, every day.

6. They only focus on their needs

Good husbands put their family’s needs at the same level, or even above, their own. They are not self-absorbed nor do they live by their ego. They’re loving, calm, and level-headed. They’re committed to the happiness of their wife and kids!

Do you have anything to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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