Bravo! This inspirational 50-year-old Mumbai mum proved that passion can conquer all obstacles

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"Truth is, the only barrier is you and if you really want something, no power in this world can stop you from getting it," says this brave Mumbai mum

It is not everyday that we meet ordinary people who have achieved so much, thanks to their extraordinary spirit, courage and belief. That's perhaps why this Mumbai mum's story is so inspirational.

Having been in an out of the hospital since the age of 6, this mum of two soon realised that her life was going to be all about taking care of herself and her family and being bound to her house.

But it was only when she decided to do something for herself for a change, did she realise she could be a better person for everybody around her, including her two young children and her loving husband.

Featured in the Humans of Bombay, this mum exemplifies why the only barrier in all our lives is us!

A life that began with struggle

She begins by revealing that at the early of six, her family discovered that she had an unnatural growth in her windpipe called Papillomas. This health condition changed her life for good, forcing her to admit herself in the hospital each year.

"When I was 6 years old, I got breathless and was admitted to the hospital. I had a growth in my windpipe called Papillomas and as a result I had to depend on an oxygen tank until I was 18. After multiple surgeries I was able to breathe normally, but my voice was barely audible — until today I have to get a laser surgery every year, or else I lose my voice," she shared.

However, after a few years, she got married, had two kids and became a homemaker. But she always knew that was not her destiny.  "I am a homemaker. I have two sons and a loving husband, but I’ve always felt like I need to do more and be more," she says.

"Many years ago we had only one car and my husband would take that car to work. Whether it was dropping my children for school or tuitions or running my errands, I would always have to go in an auto…so I decided to start saving money for a bike," she shares.

In order to change her life and bring more purpose to it, she made this important decision and worked towards fulfilling her dream.

"Every month I would save a little, and after a year and a half I was able to purchase my own bike— and the second I drove it, I fell in love. More than anything it gave me the independence to move around freely — it may not sound like a lot to you but it was everything to me," she said. But this was just the beginning of what was in store for her.

Continue reading to see the next step that this mum took, which completely changed her life.

A life-altering decision

After having to live with a fatal health condition and leading a 'routine' life as a homemaker and a mother, this Mumbai mum decided to take matters in her own hands and change the course of her life.

She began by joining an all-female motorcycle group.

"I joined a female motorcycle group, and saw that there was a group of women going to Goa on their bikes…I wondered if it would be appropriate for a homemaker to leave her kids and family and go out on a bike journey. When I told my family about this opportunity they were so supportive — intact they pushed me to go for it!" she shares.

This was a great booster for her morale since she didn't expect this type of response from her family. So she took up the challenge and started a new journey.

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My husband supported me the most

She shares that her better-half truly supported her through her new journey.

"My husband said he will make sure he’s at home more and my older son said that he would take care of his younger brother. I made their study time tables for them, organised their drops to school and tuition and took it — I went to Goa and back by bike with a group of women and it was the most liberating feeling of my life…and it had only just begun," she shares.

She revealed just last year she did something that gave her the most thrilling experience, thanks to her willingness to try something new.

"Last year, I even completed a ride to Himachal and Uttarakhand but the highlight of my life has been when I got chosen to go to Khardung La by TVS Scooty Zest. At first when I applied, I thought that from 50,000 applicants there was a slim chance, but I almost immediately got a call saying I was on board!" she says.

A difficult but fulfilling journey of life

She says that while her life's journey has been difficult, it has been a "beautiful one."

"The journey was a beautiful one — of course there was a lot of difficult terrain but it was all worth it when we got to the top on August 21st. Infact, I turned 50 on that very day and the rest of my group organised a cake and sang for me on top of the peak. I remember the moment I reached the top— I started screaming! Never before had I felt so free, powerful and complete," she shares.

Talking about how her medical condition did not deter her from choosing a life she wanted, she shares that she persevered and conquered all her fears.

"When I got to the top, I felt that I had my own identity… that I wasn’t just someone’s mother, or wife— I was ME. I am a 50 year old homemaker who has a passion for bikes… and I just got to the top of one of the highest peaks in the country. Age? No barrier. Profession? No Barrier? Disability? No Barrier. Truth is, the only barrier is you and if you really want something, no power in this world can stop you from getting it," she signs off.

Hats off to such an inspirational woman! More power to her!

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