5 ways I am re-bonding with my reclusive 10 year old

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If you are a parent, these tips can help you reconnect with your growing child, whether a girl or a boy!

If you have a growing child in the house, chances are, most of the time they barely interact with you. I went from a phase of having a very excited and creative little one in the house, with never a dull moment, to suddenly see her grow up and turn into a reclusive young lady.

Of course, she is super naughty and is very popular with her friends and teachers. But at home, there came a time when she would barely interact with us anymore, always away with a book or her drawings, and it became difficult to even know whether she was in the house or not.

I do have a very active and naughty younger one, but I always missed those moments that I would share with my elder one. Over the last year, I have consciously made an effort to bond more with her, and trust me, even as we are back to being the friend-and-mom-and-daughter combo that we were already, the connect is even stronger.

5 tips to connect with your growing child

If you are a parent, these tips can help you reconnect with your growing child, whether a girl or a boy!

1. Sleep time chit chat 

At bedtime, we lie down together and talk about the day, if something interesting happened, any thoughts in our mind, basically just talk about anything. It is a great way to relax and connect with my daughter and learn how she is changing and what all is going on in her life.

In the busy-ness of daily life, I realized I was getting too tired to do this and would often send her to sleep by her own. Sleep time chit-chat is surely back.

2. Reading together

This is really superb if you both share a love of reading, or at least one of you does. We both read books borrowed from each other, genres that both adults and kids can read. Sometimes, we lie down, open one book and start reading it together.

It’s a lot of fun, and you can interpret it in different ways and talk about it too. Also, this is a great way to get your child interested in reading and also teach various life lessons with the right kind of books.

3. Hop in an auto

5 ways I am re-bonding with my reclusive 10 year old

That’s our auto pic!

There is no fun way than to randomly head out with your daughter without planning the entire thing out first. Sometimes, we just get out and walk towards the auto stand, and talk about what we want to do or where we want to go.

Then, we hop in an auto, get to our destination, do some fun, then hop in another and repeat the same fun somewhere else. It feels great to get out of the car and feel the breeze on your face and literally let your hair down and flying!

4. Kitchen connect

My kids have a love for cooking and baking (definitely not inherited from me!) and this is a fun way to bond. My daughters are often my assistants and if it is something of their choice that I am preparing, I make sure to let them do most of the prep and cooking work (under my supervision of course).

5. Mommy daughter trips

Ever taken a trip with just your kid(s)? Trust me it’s a lot of fun. While I do take them somewhere for the school vacations, sometimes, taking a weekend trip is great too.

Our favourites are mostly book fests that happen across the country where we can go for the weekend and come back after a one or two-night stay.

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