5 ways to raise kids who'll grow into capable adults

5 ways to raise kids who'll grow into capable adults

All parents strive to raise kids that have all the keys to success, but are you certain you'll raise kids who'll grow into capable adults? More here

All parents want to give their kids everything they need to succeed in life. Thy want to prepare their kids for all the tough challenges and lessons that life will throw their way as they grow into the adults they will become. As many parents know, this means entrusting your kids with responsibilities.

The hope--and eventual goal--is that your kids will grow into competent adults as a result of your parenting.

But how can a parent ensure that they're challenging their kids to be that competent adult?  How can parents be certain that their kids are being molded into an individual who'll grow into the responsibilities that come with being an adult seamlessly?

Well, here are 5 ways that are sure to help parents achieve that goal!

1. Cooking

7 family prepare food cooking

Obviously, this doesn't mean that you should expect your kids to prepare all your family's meals all by themselves. But a great way to teach self-sufficiency is to teach them the basics of cooking. Let them help you out in the kitchen and try narrating the most important steps.

They might not look like they're paying attention, but trust me--they are. Kids are like sponges and the more you repeat steps or draw emphasis to what you're doing, the more info they'll retain.

Part of being an adult is providing for yourself, and providing food for yourself is among the top priorities!

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2. Chores


Vague, I know. But, really, any chores will do, parents. Kids need structure and consistency with responsibilities so it's important that you fill their schedule with occasional tasks and chores to make sure they understand the importance of holding responsibilities.

It can be taking the garbage out, it can be putting away the dishes, it can even be as simple as making their beds every morning. Kids learn competency from doing things on their own, so no matter how big or small, assign some chores to your kids.

Plus, chores offer a great solution to situations in which kids say, "I'm bored!"...."Oh, you are? I have something for you to do then!"

3. Reminders


Specifically, giving less reminders. Remember that you're the authoritative figure. So, it's not so much about giving more reminders--it's about giving less. If you tell them to do something, offer one simple reminder. Make sure they know that they only get one warning, too!

This teaches an invaluable lesson about meeting deadlines and being trusted. Picture your little tyke as an adult with a "big boy job" and a boss. Wouldn't you care to envision their boss asking them to do something, and they get it done without being reminded or warned? I would!

4. Speak up and ask questions

kids raise hands in class study

Kids need to learn the importance of speaking up for themselves. This boosts their confidence beyond belief and helps them grow into confident, strong-willed adults who don't just roll over and submit.

Not only that, but kids need to know that they can ask questions. Asking and admitting you don't understand helps you learn and grow smarter. If they aren't afraid to ask questions as a child, they'll grow to be more intellectual adults.

5. Fighting their own battles


Now, before we move forward, we don't condone violent behavior or unnecessary violence. However, when it comes to little verbal altercations over certain matters, kids need to learn at a young age how to handle their own problems.

Moreover, in a constructive way. Don;t ever let your kids feel like they have to come to you to have their problems resolved. Teach them they're capable of conflict resolution, and they'll grow to handle more mature and severe situations in the future with a level of calmness that other adults simply can't match.

[H/T] Scary Mommy

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