5 types of sisters-in-law you can totally identify with

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While we do like them (because they are family after all), here’s a tongue-in-cheek breakdown of the 5 different types of sisters-in-law you will have to deal with.

In a perfect world, you would marry into a perfect family and everybody would get along blissfully.

But since this is not a perfect world, and nobody gets along all the time, there are bound to be misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

You may find this particularly true when it comes to your sister-in-law.

Since you are being thrown into an instant relationship with a woman you did not chose as your friend or even your sister, things can be just plain difficult. For instance, your personalities might not match and your husband might ask you to suck it up just to make peace.

But what should you do if your sister-in-law drives you up the wall? Well, the solution can only be clear when you know the kind of sister-in-law you are dealing with!

And, while we do like them (because they are family after all), here’s a tongue-in-cheek breakdown of the 5 different types of sisters-in-law you may have to deal with.

#1 The Ms Know-it-all sister-in-law

This one could be quite annoying. After all, she has supposedly experienced everything in life. No matter what question you ask, she will have the answer to it. And mind you, this won’t be any answer, it will be something she has ‘experienced herself!’ And don’t forget, an unsolicited advice on ‘how to raise children,’ could be her favorite topic.

#2 The nonchalant sister-in-law

Although we do not really want them to interfere in our lives, we do however, like to get some attention from the in-laws. But this one wants you to know that she does not care about you or your kids. She may also not let any information about your in-laws reach you, because she doesn’t intend to include you in her life.

Continue reading to know about this next type that we have all dealt with!

#3 The one-upper sister-in-law

No matter what you do, this sister-in-law insists that she can always do it so much better. So when you share an experience, she will make sure she shares a similar story, but it will sound as if it was better than yours. She may not let it go till you actually believe that no matter what she does, it is always the best!

#4 The emotional sister-in-law

She gets emotional at the drop of a hat. She will cry and make a huge deal about the smallest of things. She might always see the glass as half empty as opposed to half full. Perhaps she thinks you are not listening and to get your attention she might create a scene. The best way to deal with her is to confront her and tell her off!

#5 The narcissist sister-in-law

She is perhaps the baby of the family and everybody just loves her, but either way everything is about her. Your in-laws can forget your birthday, but they will never forget hers. And even if they do, she will always start the reminders a month before. She is the one who doesn’t care whether you get any attention, as long as it is on her, she will be happy!

Hope you enjoyed this funny take on sister-in-laws. Don’t forget, no matter which kind you deal with, you can always turn you relationship with her into a loving one. Just be patient and talk things out!

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Deepshikha Punj