5 times Kareena Kapoor Khan proved that she is the coolest mum-to-be

5 times Kareena Kapoor Khan proved that she is the coolest mum-to-be

Kareena Kapoor Khan has broken many stereotypes and has indirectly become the face of all independent expecting mothers in India. Here's how

From walking the ramp with a visible baby bump, to reiterating that she will continue to work throughout her pregnancy, mum-to-be Kareena Kapoor Khan, represents the many Indian women who are breaking stereotypes left, right and centre!

While there have been many faces to walk the ramp with a baby bump, she was the first person to get applauded for her 'bumpy' entrance. She also became the first person to remind everybody on national television that pregnancy is not a disease!

For these and a many other reasons, we feel that Kareena is the perfect face for independent expecting mothers in India.

#1 Baby bump goes to the ramp

It was the first time a Bollywood actor walked the ramp with a baby bump. Why is this such a big deal, you ask?

Well, the film fraternity influences a whole lot of Indians, may of whom still believe that a pregnant woman should sit at home instead of going out to work.

And by that logic, she just managed to highlight the there is nothing wrong with expecting women working throughout their pregnancy! In fact, in the interviews she gave after the show she said, "For me, it is quite an emotional moment as this was the first time we (she and her future child) took the ramp together. It was a moment to cherish."

#2 Baby bump goes onscreen

This will also be the first time that an expecting star will be seen on the big screen with her baby bump. Kareena signed Rhea Kapoor's upcoming production Veere Di Wedding, shooting for which will start in October. This means that Kareena will be seven months pregnant by the time she begins to shoot.

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But she says, she will work just like any other expecting mum!

"I have always maintained that I work till I die. Acting is my passion. My work is my passion and as long as I am working it makes me happy and that joy shows on my face. I am going to continue working," she added.

Continue reading to see the other three reasons we feel Kareena is the perfect face for an expecting Indian mum! We bet you will totally relate with this next one!

#3 Baby bump won't sit at home!

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Kareena Kapoor Khan is not doing anything different from what millions of Indian mothers do. She refused to let go of her new project Veere Di Wedding and continues to work on her innumerable brand endorsements.

This is unlike Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who let go of the movie Heroine soon after it was announced that she was expecting Aaradhya. Although it'll be wrong to say that Bachchan's decision was not the best, because it worked for her; we must also compliment Kareena for her take on working during pregnancy!

#4 Baby bump is not a disease, please!

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If you ever encounter somebody who treats a pregnant woman as though she is diseased, please share Kareena's two cents with that somebody!

In a recent interview to IANS Kareena slammed everybody who thought she should be sitting at home and not work or go out. She said, "The most important thing is that pregnancy should not be looked upon as some sort of disease of any kind. It's the most beautiful phenomenon that can happen to a woman... I would continue to do as normal things as everybody else because that's what it is."

We couldn't agree more!

#5 Baby bump will slay it with fabulous maternity fashion

And finally, if we must credit Kareena for highlighting the importance of treating a pregnant woman like a normal person, we must also credit her for slaying it everyday with her fabulous maternity fashion!

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From an edgy peek-a-boo black gown by Philipp Plein to a printed anarkali from Vrisa, to an off-shoulder powder blue dress by H&M; she’s donning it all.

In fact, with her casual style, Bebo is setting the stage for fashionable maternity wear that is also simple and can be worn by any Indian expecting mum.

Psst! Don't miss out her girl squad!

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