5 things to remember while stepping out with your baby this winter

5 things to remember while stepping out with your baby this winter

Beat the cold and keep your bundle of joy warm and fuzzy with these five simple tips

On December 1, North India was suddenly engulfed by thick layer of fog, sending parents of newborns into a frenzy. It brought with it a cooler temperature and we understand that it can be a really difficult weather, especially when you have an infant to take care of.

But even though the winter season can be challenging for new parents, it shouldn't be the reason to lock you baby inside the house. Instead, prepare yourself and your baby for the weather with these handy tips.

We at Indusparent spoke to Mahalakshmi K, expert with Nobel Hygiene (Teddy Diapers), who listed a few easy ways to beat the cold and keep your bundle of joy warm and fuzzy.

1. Carry warm clothes

If you are going on vacation, to finish off your pending leaves, don’t forget to carry woollen garments and ensure that your infant is has his full protection gears from monkey caps, socks and tiny cute hand gloves.


It is very important that you dress your kid in easy and comfortable clothes. You can adorn them with cute cardigans and jacket but ensure that you keep it simple and preferably soft and silky. Take extra care that infants’ routine is not disturbed if you are planning to go out for a day or two.

2. Don't disturb infants' routine

Extra care and attention is required specially if you have infants travelling with you. Ensure that the food and bedtime are maintained so that the baby does not become cranky.

"According to your travel plan, remember to carry pack of diapers, as you might not easily get it, if you are at any remote location or away from city. Also your usual brand may not be available at the place you are going," says Mahalakshmi.

Continue reading to know why you should also have a first-aid kit when you travel with your baby during winters.

3. Carry winter cream and baby lotion

During winters, the skin becomes dry and itchy. You should carry a good winter cream and moisture to protect yourself from cold. "Also carry a good baby lotion for your baby as their skin is delicate and can get dry fast. Buy a cream with high SPF content, so that it protects the baby' skin from harmful UV rays, as you generally like to soak in winter sun," she says.

4. Carry basic first-aid

Have a small first aid kit handy or in your bag during festive season.

first aid

"First aid kit should contain all necessary ointments, antiseptics, band-aid and most important a good thermometer," says Mahalakhsmi.

Carry good herbal mosquito repellents and mat machines, so that you keep the mosquitos under check, while the baby is sleeping.

"To avoid the loud decibel noise of crackers, music during Diwali season plug in ear buds or cotton in the kids’ ears. It is a big task, but put a mask on the infant to prevent the baby from inhaling smoke and polluted air," she says.

5. Carry a diaper bag

Finally, as a precaution, you must have the baby's diaper bag along just as you do your purse. Even if you're heading out for a short walk, you must carry extra diapers for your baby.

A diaper bag is especially necessary if your baby is below two and hasn't been potty trained. Plus, if you are going for long drives or so, extra diapers can help keep your baby clean, dry and happy.

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