5 Things you must start doing this Mother’s Day to be the Super Mom you always wanted to be...

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All that a mother needs to do is stand strong in her own power than getting weighed down by the world’s expectations. Mums, this heart-warming video of a Super Mom's journey through motherhood will surely inspire you. 




Bringing a baby into this world is perhaps one of the most cherished experiences in the life of most women. No doubt Mommyhood is a beautiful process but it also includes making crucial choices for your little one, many times these choices are going to make a long lasting impression on your baby’s life.


Mums, our choice making saga begins the day we get the good news and it is as varied as which maternity hospital to enrol with or what to eat during lactation or choosing between disposable and cloth diapers or what to feed the baby when older and so on. At every phase a new set of questions are awaiting you.



While you try to steer your way through all these questions darting at you from all directions, you also need to handle the advice, sometimes even unwanted opinions, that you receive from others. Be it your parents, in- laws, friends or relatives, everyone wants to give you a helping hand but the point is that you may not always need one.


Here’s how to avoid getting bogged down by all the expectations that others have from you and be the Super Mom to your baby that you’ve always wanted to be…


Learn to say a “No” politely yet firmly



Most advice and opinions come from your loved ones and although you understand that they are approaching you with care and concern, it is important to refuse suggestions that don’t resonate with you and your parenting style.


Keep all your questions for experts



Change with time, mums. Ask your doctors about any questions that bother you. Instead of randomly discussing about your mommy worries with your besties, consult a paediatrician or a gynecologist as they can give you the best advice as well as moral support.


Follow your heart



Your intuition is the best guide when nothing else is available. Learn to read your own heart and listen to it. Follow what you believe to be true for your own baby because no one understands the needs of your little angel better than you. Even if your choices are criticized by your dear ones, have faith that you know what is best for your baby.


Live guiltlessly


While raising your baby, you might make mistakes. After all to err is human. Don’t beat yourself up for that or don’t let others do it either. Learn from it and move on. Going on guilt trips is going to do no good to you or your baby. 


Wear your Super Mom cape and take on the world



Last but not the least, stay strong on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. Believe in yourself, your choices and your decisions. When you stand strong in your own power, everyone else will accept it without questioning.


Dear Mommies, carrying a baby does not mean carrying the world’s expectations. So let go of all the pressures and be the Super Mom you want to be.


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