5 things we should all learn from a stay-at-home mum

5 things we should all learn from a stay-at-home mum

Housewives are overworked and underappreciated.

If there is one person in the household whose work is genuinely underrated, it would be the housewife. Housewives form the backbone of the traditional economies like India. A study shows that they end up spending at least five times the time men spend on household activities. Sadly, this work is not taken seriously and often deemed as 'necessary' and 'non-value adding' work.

This is unfortunate. I have seen many housewives who get up two hours before others, clean the house, get the children ready, make breakfast, pack lunches, not to mention the care they take of elders. Granted, a large majority of them have domestic help in the form of maids, but getting work done from them is another full-time job!

But most importantly, they add a lot of value to the household. They are the best economists of the house and manage everything. Here are five things we all can learn from the housewives.

1# Multitasking to manage time


Men are notorious uni-taskers! Women, however, can manage more than two things at a time. That is why they are such proficient working mums!

When it comes to homemakers, they are juggling a million things at a time. When a woman is a homemaker in India, her children rarely go to daycare. In joint families, the housewife is pulled in different directions by different people, and there are a very few who are unable to manage it.

We need to learn to multitask from a housewife.

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2# Managing the resources


Traditionally, when there is a sole 'bread winner' in a family, he hands over some money to his wife for household expenses. The housewife not only manages the entire household expenditures in that given money, but she also manages to save some of it!

And this is in the face of inflation! The money she gets remains the same year on year. Necessity, being the mother of invention, she would find out ways to save money. Thus the toothpaste lasts a week longer than it would have, thanks to her belan! Ask her where you can get the best deals on anything. Chances are, she would know!

Managing resources are imperative for everyone who is serious about saving something for the future. Learn how to do a market research from the housewives and you would be surprised by the methodical approach!

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3# Thinking on the feet


This is not something strictly restricted to housewives. If you are in a domestic crisis, your wife will come out with a solution or at least a temporary fix. She is equipped with her pins and needles and would fix anything for the kids and the adults alike! If she cannot fix it, she would know whom to call!

This aspect is critical for entrepreneurs. You would need to be quick about taking actions and know whom to call when needed!

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4# Staying on the top of things


A housewife might have left an active job, but she is abreast with what is happening in the world. She prepares in advance to teach her kids so that they do not need additional tuitions (this saves money!) She remembers important events and is often the one to remind you about the anniversaries and birthdays. She knows who is doing what in life, and this helps her to reach out to someone relevant if needed.

I could use a lesson or two from her!

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5# Negotiation skills


Anyone can negotiate, but the housewife seals the deal! She would get the dhaniya free with the groceries and would be able to arrive at a good price for a garment. This may be a matter of convenience for us, however, every rupee she saves goes into her 'future fund.'

Negotiation is a subtle art, and she applies different tactics to different people. We can learn the delicate art by merely observing her in action!

We are proud of you mums, who stay at home to take care of everyone. You may not always be appreciated overtly, but remember - everyone knows how valuable you are to them!

Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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