5 things in Hindi TV serials that need to change NOW!

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Once that initial freshness is over and the soap faces the challenges of churning out a new episode every day, the plot gets bizarre by the second and the show that you once loved is not a favourite anymore

They are an essential part of every Indian middle-class household that spends most of the time glued to the TV in the hope of getting some entertainment. Hindi TV soaps are loved by many women and many such as Ballika Badhu have even managed to make a special place in our hearts.

But once that initial freshness is over and the soap faces the challenges of churning out a new episode every day, the plot gets bizarre by the second and the show that you once loved is not a favourite anymore.

This is why daily soaps need to change their way of treatment as we have had enough of it. Here are five things we feel that need to be changed now!


1 Bizarre Plots that get crazier by the day

That's the number one thing on our list and it's not even funny. The latest one to take the cake is Sasural Simar Ka, in which first Simar became a fly and now she is set to be pregnant with, lo behold, the devil's child. In another popular show, Thapkee pyaar kee, Thapkee will fall in love with a gorrila! Yes, that's true.


And the list is never ending. There have been many TV shows (Remember Uttaran? ) where the mother and the daughter have been played by the same actor. Does that ever happen in real life? You might share the same features as your mother, but no one is a carbon copy.

Another common practice is changing the central character and saying that she/he had undergone plastic surgery. The Balaji show Kyunki Saas Bhee Kabhi Bahu Thee was full of such instances.

2. Over The Top Makeup

One of the main reasons for the new channel Zindagi to gain popularity was the way the characters were portrayed in the shows. Many of them looked straight out of your neighbourhood with plain clothes and no make up at all. Surprisingly almost all of these "slice of life" shows were from Pakistan. Come on guys, we can surely beat them!


Back home we have mothers-in-law who have special bindis or eyebrows made up to look more terrifying on screen. Remember Kokilaben from Saath Nibhaana Saathiya? While common people like me cringe to even wear a saree for a function, these Indian TV heroines eat, sleep, bath and drink in makeup and heavy jewellery. This is totally unacceptable.

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3. The pregnancy that takes longer than nine months to complete

This gets really, really irritating. Remember how Tulsi was perpetually pregnant for a year or so in Kyunki Saas Bhee Kabhi Bahu Thee. And then it was Anandi's turn in Ballika Badhu who also carried a bump for more than a year.

In almost all the shows, the pregnant heroine has to appear with a fake bump for more than nine months and that's not even logical. Don't you think?



4. The ever-scheming Mothers-in-law and vamps

Come on guys, give us a break! We also have in-laws and other relatives in real life and they are not constantly plotting for our murder or unforeseen death.

naak mein dum

And, it is really regressive to show that modern mothers-in-law are still as scheming as their older counterparts. Don't we all know that Indians are evolving as race now and clearly we need to show some real-life characters on reel as well.

5.The lead characters always stay young, despite the leaps

And there is only one serial that truly is living the above statement to the tee-- Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai.


Despite taking 3-4 generation leaps Akshara, the main character of the longest running TV soap in India, still looks as young and as fresh as a daisy. Clearly, we need that anti-ageing cream now!

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