5 super-efficient packing tips when travelling with kids

5 super-efficient packing tips when travelling with kids

I have figured out a few super effective tips that help me each time I pack. You can try them, too!

My husband and I both share a huge love for travel, so it was no surprise that over the years, we have made sure that our kids also tag along to various places in and outside the country, wherever our fancy takes us.

It helps that the little ones didn’t have much say initially, and now the travel bug has bitten them well too! Quite lucky must say.

But while travelling with two kids, aged 9 and 3 now seems quite a breeze, it wasn’t always so easy. The first few months and the first year after we had the kids, especially the first one, were quite difficult, as I was still struggling with coming to terms with the huge amount of packing that we had to do, and the many rules and regulations you have to follow, especially if you travel by air. Add to that an uncomfortable infant or toddler, and things can get quite difficult.

But now that I have been travelling a lot with my kids, I have figured out a few super effective tips that help me each time I pack. You can try them, too!

1. Keep 2 sets of clothes for each day: Count the number of days you will be out, and make sure you carry 2 sets for each day, excluding the night wear. With kids, clothes can easily get soiled, so it is important to have a change of clothes. If you are traveling to a warm area, take easy clothes such as frocks and basic tees and shorts.

2. Pack in sets: The easiest way to locate all the clothes quickly is to pack them in sets. This also prevents you from over packing, as you will know exactly what to carry. So, for instance, if you are carrying a pair of shorts and top, place the top on the shorts and fold them up together. Do the same for socks, placing one inside the other, and even for hankies, by knotting them up together.

3. Roll them up: With kids, there will be loads of clothes and other things you need to carry, so space is of concern. Instead of folding clothes in a regular way, roll them up in tiny bundles, making sure the sets are together. Rolling up clothes saves a lot of space.

4. Make a list few days in advance: Start preparing a list of items to carry and that you may potentially need at least 2 weeks before the travel. When you prepare it at the last moment, you will end up writing more than you need. Make a note of toiletries such as baby wash essentials, diapers, bottles and baby food if you need to carry these for a younger one.

Also, jot down essentials including sleep toy, blanket and such. Now see what all you can remove. For instance, carry a top to toe wash instead of shampoo and body wash separately. Carry a small pack of diapers; you can always pick up more from the pharmacy.

5. Manage food wisely: No matter which hotel you stay in, you can always get basic food for your babies, such as fresh fruits, dal rice, poha, porridge, idli, dosa, paratha and so on. Instead of carrying lots of baby food packs, let your kids enjoy fresh foods. It definitely is a better and healthier option, and also helps ease the amount of things you carry along.

The first few times be prepared to miss out on a few items and things, and expect some chaos. But trust me, as you keep travelling with your kids, you will see how soon you too can turn a pro at packing smart, light and effectively!

Have a safe and fun trip!

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