5 skills your child should master by preschool

5 skills your child should master by preschool

You may not be able to help your child's physical growth, but you can help their mental growth! Learn these 5 skills your child should master by preschool

Kids are like weeds; they sprout up and they just won't quit growing! There's really not much that parents can do to help or hinder how fast their kids grow physically. As fast as kids seemingly grow before our eyes, it's important to note that during that time, they're also growing mentally.

Unlike physical growth, there's quite a lot that parents can do to help the mental growth of their kids. One way to assist in their cognitive development is to make sure that they have all the right tools to succeed.

Kristen Organowski Ph.D. believes there a handful of lessons and skills that your children should have mastered by the time they've reached preschool. Oragnowski, a mother of three, is no stranger to the concept of raising children. She's made sure that her children were equipped with these skills, and stands firm that they are absolutely essential to a child's success moving forward.

Check out Organowski's list of skills your child should master by preschool:

1. Saying "please" and "thank you"

Apart from the fact that these are common signs of respect and shows that your child practices proper etiquette, having the ability to use these terms displays that your child understand basic social cues. Furthermore, if your child is able to ask for something politely, and proceed to thank someone upon receiving it, it speaks of your child's ability to recognise how civilised society functions.

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2. Accepting of the word "no"

"No one likes to hear the word 'no,' but everyone should be able to hear it without throwing a tantrum," says Organowski. Preschool students should have this skill mastered because, like entry #1, it shows a sense of understanding in your children. Kids who have mastered this particular skill are more adept learners because they understand what is okay, and what is not.

3. Owning up to mistakes

"No matter what age we are, perfectionism can deter our capacity for learning and enjoyment. Not admitting when we do make mistakes can be just as disruptive to our lives," Organowski claims. If a child of this age is able to own up to their mistakes, they display maturity that will eventually develop into amazing social skills. It helps plant the seed of leadership as well. Your child should be able to have a sense of humility and an understanding that no one is perfect. Having this skill at an early age will do wonders for them down the road.

5 Skills your child should master by preschool

4. Accepting of rules/guidelines

Children of all ages can all use a bit of structure. If your kids are able to understand the basic of functions of structure (i.e. rules and guidelines) then they understand why abiding by certain rules are needed. They recognise the basics of what is good and what is not, and it helps them to understand what is fair and what is not. This lesson will undoubtedly lead to better behavior at home and in the classroom.

5. Willing to ask questions

This may come as a surprise considering children seemingly fire off questions every second of the day, but it's more important that they ask questions in the learning environment. Kids who don't shy away from asking their teachers questions are obviously more susceptible to learning new information. It's important that your children understand the concept of "ask and you shall receive."

If you found this information helpful, check out Dr. Oganowski's blog site, Every Other Moment.

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