THESE 5 Situations Demand Extra Security For Your Kids

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Right from the time of pregnancy, parents are concerned about the safety of their little one. Even after birth, and as your baby grows up, there could be many occasions that demand extra security for your child.

Five situations when you should ensure your child’s safety

#1 Leaving your child in the care of a nanny

Whether you are a working parent, or need to free up some time for yourself, it’s common to leave children in the care of a nanny. And you may have hired one of the best in the game. But does that keep you from thinking about your kid? Most certainly, not! And at such times, what most parents do is, pick up their phones, dial the caretaker, and get constant updates.


What if we told you there’s an easier way to monitor your child’s activities through the day? Thanks to technological advancement, you can now keep a loving watch on your child with the help of Godrej Security Solutions’ EVE Home Camera. The system is not only easy to install but can be operated using your smartphone. The two-way communication helps you hear and speak with your child or the caretaker.

You can further safeguard your child as well as the caretaker by installing the See Thru Pro Video Door Phone by Godrej Security Solutions. So, whenever there’s someone at the door in your absence, you can view and also respond to the visitor yourself. All of this, just from your smartphone. That’s called, child-safety in your pocket!

#2 Overnight stays with grandparents

Many a time, you may leave your little ones with their grandparents for an overnight stay. Or you may be out of town while they take care of your munchkin back home. And that’s indeed a great way to allow your kids to bond with their grandparents. But you may keep worrying whether your little one is well-behaved or giving them a tough time.

Eve Home Camera by Godrej Security Solutions is enabled with the night-vision feature. So, whichever time you get free, you can check on your child without waking up the grandparents or disturbing their routine.

THESE 5 Situations Demand Extra Security For Your Kids

Watch over your loved ones even in complete darkness | Screengrabbed from YouTube

See Thru Pro Video Door Phone by Godrej Security Solutions is also a great security tool when it comes to leaving kids and elderly people alone at home. From your smartphone itself you can check who is the visitor and decide whether to give them access or not.

#3  Kids at daycares

These days parents choose to leave children at the daycare centers for various reasons. Whether both parents are working, or you are a single parent, or you want to leave your child at a daycare to help them mix with other kids, safety is one of the most important factors to consider. And a good place to begin is to check if the daycare is well-equipped with  good quality home cameras/ cctv cameras, which a parent, leaving their kids behind, can have access to.

Eve Home Cameras by Godrej Security Solutions  has three variants  -Eve Mini, Eve Cube, Eve PT. It is enabled to record in HD quality and has a wide angle facility with good tilt and pan movements to give you a complete view of the area covered. Authorized access to view the feed of the home cameras can be shared by the owner. These features make it a must-have at any daycare center.

#4 Answering the door remotely while a toddler is at home

One of the things that amuses children the most, is the doorbell ringing. You may have witnessed their excitement to open the door every time there’s someone visiting. They just can’t control their curiosity, but for parents, this can be a cause of great concern. Especially, if your child is alone at home or in the care of someone else.

THESE 5 Situations Demand Extra Security For Your Kids

Answer the door with the help of See Thru Pro Video Door Phone | Screengrabbed from YouTube

See Thru Pro Video Door Phone from Godrej Security Solutions just made this exercise safer for you and your tot. Now, you, yourself get to monitor the visitors at your doorstep, right at the press of a smartphone button. The experience is such that it gives a feel that you’re answering the door in person and this way, you can easily ignore unwanted knocks on your door.

#5 Monitoring your child’s play-dates

You’re surely living under a rock if you aren’t aware of how important play-dates are for growing kids. So, if you have your child’s friends coming over, your responsibility instantly increases. Because now, instead of one, you have more kids to look after and make sure they stay safe. At the same time, you may need to make other preparations for the playdate, like arranging for snacks and so on.

Eve Home Camera and See Thru Pro Video Door Phone from Godrej Security Solutions can be your perfect companions in ensuring the safety of these little people. Keep a watch on the play area while you finish your chores or just have a warm chat with the fellow parents. Or check if it’s a playmate or some danger lurking at the door when the doorbell rings.

Eve Home Camera can also be a boon for parents of growing kids. You may be able to watch your child hit various growth milestones in real time, even if you are physically apart.

For all these safety, security, and convenience features, Eve Home Camera and See Thru Pro Video Door Phone by Godrej Security Solutions are must-haves for every household.

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Renu Krishna

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