5 simple values that would get your child school ready (and for life ahead)

5 simple values that would get your child school ready (and for life ahead)

A better way would be to make your child understand these essential values by making him do what he likes the most.

Ask any mother and she would agree that the biggest fear that haunts her every single day and night is the time her little toddler would be ready to go to school.

There are too many questions on her mind--would he have the courage to stand up and say “May I go to the toilet”? What if is he is thirsty and his water bottle is empty? What if he feels shy to say hello to his new friends? Would he share his tiffin and other things with children in the class? And, we don’t even want to get started on separation anxiety here. That word itself puts all mothers in “panic-mode”!

Getting your child School Ready

While there is no end to these questions and they would disturb you for sometime, a better way to deal with them would be to identify the important values that your child must possess to deal with the challenges in school and, perhaps, in life ahead.

Now, we all know that you can’t explain the importance of friendship, responsibility and courage to a three-year-old through plain talk. So what do you do? Give him moral science books that talk about them? That’s not going to work either, right?

A better way would be to make your child understand these essential values by making him do what he likes the most. Now, we all know that the one thing that all kids like doing is watching TV and cartoons.

But it should not be any other cartoon show. It has to be a show that can demonstrate important values in a playful and interactive manner, through characters that are worthy of emulating Yes, that’s right, a fictional cartoon character could become a great role model for a growing child.

Choose what your child watches with care, make sure the characters showcase good behaviour. Add to it a mother’s special touch and judgment and your child would be ready for the transition from home to school with ease. To begin with, here are the five most important values that you must teach your child to help him get ready for school:

1. Friendship

Now this is perhaps the most essential value that would help your child thrive and something that would be with him in life. Having friends who encourage you to do things and help you out in times of need is important.

The best way to make your child understand about friendship would be by showing him shows like Thomas and Friends and then perhaps discuss it with him by giving real-life examples. Talk about your own friends and tell him how they help you deal with everyday life situations and make you happy.

2. Courage

An excellent way to make your child courageous and bold is to never stop him from asking questions, no matter how small an issue it might be. Once you stop him and that hesitation sets in, it would be difficult for him to speak impromptu. Always listen when he speaks and never negate his words. This would help him speak up in class when required.

3. Responsibility

One way to make your child more responsible would be to encourage him to do things at home. Start with his own room first. Ask him to tidy up after playtime every day. Gradually involve him in bigger things and make him feel involved.

4. Teamwork

Teamwork is something that you could easily teach your child at home only. Ask your husband to help in the household chores and involve other members of the family, too. Next, invite his friends at home and inspire them to play together as a team as and when possible.

5. Problem-solving

Whether it’s the torn dress of your daughter’s doll or a broken wheel or your son’s favourite engine, all mothers face such “life-changing” situations when raising toddlers. And that’s the best way to boost your child’s problem-solving skills.

Present your child with scenarios that he could possibly encounter, like missing the school bus, forgetting his homework at home, ask him what he would do in a situation like this and of course help him find the correct solutions. You can also show them what Thomas and his friends do when they get into trouble during their adventures.

That’s how you can impart some really important life lessons at an early stage and make it easier for your child to adapt to school and the outside world!

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