5 Signs your hubby will never want anyone else but you

5 Signs your hubby will never want anyone else but you

Want reassurance that he'll only have eyes for you for the rest of his days? Pay attention to these sweet signs

Nothing in life is certain. But we enter marriage with hope, blissfully embracing a life with the one you love by your side. The first few months are naturally wonderful, but it will eventually take some effort to remain convinced that your husband will only have eyes for you forever.

Here are some signs to pay attention to if you’re seeking reassurance that the romance won’t fade over the years.

1. He still woos you

A husband who still makes an effort to make you smile, as if he’s still courting you, is someone who’s truly head over heels in love. When you’re upset, he makes an effort to win you over by making you laugh or surprising you with a sweet gift.

2. He patiently runs errands with you

A husband who willingly goes shopping with you, who waits until you’ve tried on practically every outfit in the store without losing his temper is truly a keeper. He sees the fun in the boring chores and errands because he truly enjoys your company.

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3. He genuinely listens

He makes eye contact and waits for you to communicate your point before speaking up. When you vent, he isn’t dismissive, and quick to offer solutions. A husband who’s in it for the long haul won’t downplay your troubles; he values your feelings and wants to be the one you open up to.

4. He asks for your help

He holds your opinion in high regard. He respects you and knows that when life gets tough, you’re the one he can count on. A husband who will want you for life knows that you’re his equal and that he needs you to be the best version of himself. He is not fraught with pride. Rather, he celebrates your strengths by leaning on you when times get tough.

5. He is proud of you

When you are among family and friends, he is generous with compliments. He celebrates your personal victories, but cheers you on when you stumble. He is genuinely proud that you are the partner he has chosen to spend his life with and he’s not ashamed to let the whole world know.

These are just a few signs, mommies! We’d love to hear your thoughts about what we can add to the list!

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