5 relationship mantras I learned after I became a parent

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Once you become a parent, no matter how much you love(d) your partner, there’s hardly any more time left for that one special person in our life.

Recently, a social media post asked partners what was that one thing they missed the most after they became parents. When I answered the question, I kind of already knew what most young parents would say.

The one thing that young parents said they missed the most after having children was missing the relationship they shared with their partner, and yes, I couldn’t agree more.

In our busy lifestyles, we as young parents are constantly drifting apart from our partners the moment a baby arrives in the relationship. Once you become a parent, no matter how much you love(d) your partner, there’s hardly any more time left for that one special person in our life.

As someone who was an eternal romantic, even an incorrigible one, the question posted on social media actually made me think what could have happened that changed my relationship from loving and romantic to ‘just there.’

Bring back the love....


1. Holding Hands: Whether it is while shopping for grocery, at the airport, at an event or anywhere, holding hands with your partner is one of the sweetest ways of letting them know that you care and want to be together.

2. Vocalise Your Love: You can always be open about your love for each other on social media, without being over the top. A simple gesture such as saying ‘I Love You’ on your partner’s social media wall, or complimenting your partner in front of your friends can really make your partner feel special.

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3. The Touch: The mere sense of physically being close to your partner can do wonders for a relationship. Maintaining eye contact, holding hands, standing next to each other or touching shoulder to shoulder can tremendously boost confidence and add to that love.

4. Express It: The basis of any healthy and loving relationship is open, honest and constant communication. Try to be friends with your better half and talk to your partner about your day, about your dreams, thoughts and fears and just about anything. It is another amazing way to build closeness, and of course it means you have to be a good listener too.

5. Be Appreciative: If you’re looking for a relationship that will make your partner, and eventually you, happy, do away with any form of abuse, whether emotional, verbal or physical. Build on the trust. Tell your partner when you feel something isn’t right, but make sure you talk more about all the reasons that you fell in love with him or her, and why that love just keeps growing!

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