5 reasons why parents will enjoy Zootopia more than their kids

5 reasons why parents will enjoy Zootopia more than their kids

Here are some reasons why Zootopia is a film that the whole family can fall in love with.

By now many parents have probably seen Disney/Pixar’s latest offering, Zootopia. Critics have heaped praise upon the animated film, dubbing it an ‘instant classic’ and one of Disney’s best films to date.

It isn’t just a kids’ movie; here are some reasons why it’s a story the whole family can fall in love with.

1. It’s a visual feast

Many would expect an animated city filled with anthropomorphic characters but the depiction of Zootopia went beyond what viewers expected it to be.

The stunning animation brings to life the city’s cool Tundratown,  lush Rainforest District, blazing Sahara district, cute compact Little Rodentia, adorable Bunny Borrow (home to main character Judy Hopps) and Savanna Central, the heart of Zootopia.

Each of these terrains, along with the species which inhabit them are vividly rendered in vibrant animation.

2. It won’t put you to sleep

While many parents think kids movies are the perfect opportunity to nap in the cinema, Zootopia won’t even allow that to cross your mind.

You won’t want to blink because each frame is crafted so elaborately that each holds something worth experiencing.

3. It sends a powerful message

At the heart of the movie is one great lesson: you can be whoever you want to be no matter what you look like or what your background is.

It also features a powerful, unlikely friendship between a predator and its prey. Believe in yourself, dream big, and don’t judge because you never know a bunny can outsmart elephants and rhinos, a cunning fox can prove to be trustworthy and even the smallest in society can become forces to be reckoned with.

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photo: Youtube

4. Amusing pop culture references abound

The beauty is in the details, little things here and there which may go over kids heads but things parents will readily recognize like Judy’s trusty “carrot” iPhone, corrupt politicians, nods to the Godfather, Jersey Shore, and Breaking Bad.

5. It’s action-packed

It’s not as linear as many kids movies these days so the twists and turns in the action-packed plot will delight parents who long for a more complex story.

Though some intense scenes may seem intimidating for younger kids, having you to guide them as they try to process the film and maneuver the world of Zootopia will make it more meaningful.


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Bianchi Mendoza

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