5 reasons you need to start apologising to your kids

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Everyone makes mistakes, parents included. The important thing is that we own up to them and say sorry...that extends to your kids! Learn more here!

Everyone messes up every now and then. What's important is that we own up to our mistakes, learn from them, and lastly, apologize for our actions. While it may not sound too wise to apologize to your kids--considering you're the authoritative figure in their lives--you'd actually be wrong. There are a handful of reasons why parents should start apologising to their kids.

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Check out the list of reasons why parents need to start apologising to their kids:

1. Apologising is nurturing

Cultivating a loving, caring family takes time and effort. In order to do that, you'll need to nurture your kids, and believe it or not, apologising to them when you mess up can help do that. Regina Kupecky, a social worker at the Attachment and Bonding Center of Ohio has a simple formula for parents: "nurture more; control less".

"Focus on strengthening the bond with your child vs. laying down the law, and good behavior will naturally follow," says Kupecky. That means even when you lose your cool when you're wearing your disciplinarian hat, it's highly suggested that you offer a sincere apology for having lost your cool. Of course, it's easier to never blow your lid in the first place, but no one's perfect, and every parent gets angry from time to time. What's important is that you apologize for your actions.

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2. Apologising sets a good example for your kids

Not only is apologising a good way to nurture your kids, but it's also a good way to nurture good behaviors in your kids. Kids are generally very impressionable, so if you lead by example and show the importance of apologising, it's fair to say that they'll implement the habit socially. Kids who understand that no one is perfect, and that everyone makes mistakes are more likely to learn from their mistakes. Not to mention that everyone likes to see a little humility as opposed to stubborn cockiness.

3. Apologising doesn't mean giving up authority

It's a common misconception that parents who apologize to their kids come off as weak, and flexible in the eyes of their kids. Well, that's simply not true. If your children respect you and listen to you when you speak, then apologising to them when you've made a mistake, or took something too far won't jeopardize that. If anything, it'll only make them respect you more. If you're laying down the law in your house effectively, a sincere apology when it's warranted won't compromise your role as the authoritative figure in the house.


4. Apologising creates mutual respect

Ideally, all parents aim to raise kids who respectful and understanding. If you apologize to your kids, there's a good chance that you'll cultivate that respect which you long for. Kids are surprisingly forgiving and understanding, so if you offer an apology where it's due, they'll more than likely do the same to in the future. Remember, parents: it's all about leading by example.

5. Apologising is generally the right thing to do

Sometimes,  you have to roll up your sleeves and do what's right. Often, that means conceding, being the bigger person, and apologising to someone for your misbehavior or misconduct. Why? because it's the right thing to do. This idea extends to your kids, and sometimes it's as simple as that. Apologising just feels better, and it can help strengthen the bond with you and your child.

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