5 OMG nutritional MTHYS you blindly follow every single day!

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#1. Extra PROTEIN builds automatically muscles

In today's world of word of mouth, or irresponsible media people are made to believe that every random research, finding, and experiment—that is hardly checked or validated— is solid enough to be followed by one and all. However, most of these so-called studies need some serious re-checking.

For example, recently I read that cheese is extremely good for the heart, as the French tend to have lesser heart issues, and they have a lot of cheese. However, it must be noted here that this type of study is an ecological study, which is based on that particular region.

There might be many other factors that may not be taken into account during this, like say for example the standard of living, stress levels etc. This once again shows that such studies and researches cannot be blindly followed.

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Today we will help bust 5 such MYTHS created around nutrition to build more awareness amongst parents while feeding themselves and their children.

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1. Extra PROTEIN builds automatically muscles

This is the most common myth you will get to hear amongst Indians. There is a lot of focus on proteins for growing children and elders those who want to build muscles. Proteins are imperative for the body, to build and repair internally. 

But to convert a protein to muscle, one needs to work out so that the protein eaten is converted into muscle and the fat stored is used up as energy which eventually leads to weight loss.

If excessive protein is eaten, without any activity, not only there will be failure of building muscles but also it will instead lead to weight gain, stress on the kidneys and increase the blood sugar levels. So, eat proteins as much is your activity and balance is the name of the game.

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2. Carbohydrates make you FAT

It is the processed food items that contain sugar and simple carbohydrates that cause health issues in the long run. But in the pursuit of not becoming fat, one tends to blindly discard all types of carbohydrates from the meal, including the good natural complex carbs which is a complete no-no.

Why people see notice a loss in weight with a low carb diet is because the food becomes restrictive. When one has less choices, the loss of weight seems easier at the start. But good natural carbs are very important for the body for energy such as those found in beans, fruits, vegetables, rice etc.

The important point is to keep exercising to convert the carbs into glucose. Failure in doing so, excessive carbs convert into fats. So choose your carb carefully and exercise well to never get FAT!

5 OMG nutritional MTHYS you blindly follow every single day!

3.Any food items with a DIET or FAT-FREE tag is good for health

Those bold tags on food items make you less guilty when you tend to pick them up from supermarkets in the quest to lose weight or blissfully eat any food without worrying. The fact is that food items with diet and fat-free labels need to be checked for their processed sugar and calorie content on the pack.

They usually are higher even if they are baked or so-called oil free. That will help to decide whether that DIET food is healthy for you. Similarly, FAT-FREE food items have fat calculated portions as per defined servings. But one tends to eat more than the prescribed servings thinking that it’s fat-free and invariably gains more fat.


5 OMG nutritional MTHYS you blindly follow every single day!

4. If your body is craving for a certain food, it's DEFICIENT and needs more of it

You must have heard this from many people that if your body is deficient in a certain nutrient, you crave for it and you need to eat the same to break even. NO. You mean to say, if my body is craving for a pizza, that means my body is deficient of cholesterol?

The best way to plan your meal is to have a balanced one and if any symptoms do trouble, just get a blood test to validate before you stuff yourself with nutrients that may not help your body.

5 OMG nutritional MTHYS you blindly follow every single day!


5.Whole Wheat is far HEALTHIER than white bread

The fact is both white bread and whole wheat bread contains gluten. The actual difference between the two is very small. Whole wheat surely has a better fibre content, but the same can be gained with other fruits and vegetables as well.

In the quest to sell whole wheat bread, people tend to use food color to make it look unnaturally brown, thus making it unhealthy for no reason.

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