3 mums share with the best birth control method they used post baby

3 mums share with the best birth control method they used post baby

New babies may be the best birth control, but in reality you do need a fool-proof plan

Almost all of you must have heard that so-repeated-that-now-it-sounds-boring joke. Every time anybody asks a new mum on what birth control they use, the reply often is -- 'new babies are the best birth control!'

The reply cannot be doubted for its truthfulness because new babies do bring along with them a plethora of responsibilities and sex takes a back seat for a long while after the baby arrives. But still, in real life, one does need measures.

And often, it is not an easy decision to make as postpartum planning requires a careful study of your time and body requirements. So, to ensure that you do not conceive another baby before you are ready, the best course is to have an honest conversation with your doctor who could guide you to the best method suited for you.

But while on the topic of contraception, we round up 3 real women to share with us the method that they used. And also the struggles or the ease of their chosen birth control.

'Left it on my man'

Namrata Shah, 32, Graphic designer: After having my first baby, I was so exhausted mentally as well as physically that it didn't even occur to me that I need to ask my doctor about birth control. So once we were given a green signal for getting intimate, I asked my husband to be responsible and use a barrier method.

3 mums share with the best birth control method they used post baby

I was breastfeeding and going through so many hormonal upheavals already that I did not want to add anything extra to my body. I was told that certain pills were safe even while breastfeeding but still I preferred to handout this responsibility to my husband and he used condoms for up to two years. The method worked well for us.

'Withdrawal Symptoms'

Radhika Nagra, 34, Stay-at-home-mum: So, the truth is that our first sex session post-baby happened even before we could think or plan anything about what we needed to do for after-baby sex. We knew that we didn't need another baby soon but we did not get the time to talk about what will be our birth control method.

After we were allowed to have sex, one night we just went with the flow. Mid-way through the action, we looked at each other and seemed to ask, what if this session gives us another one. Scared with the thought, we decided to have sex anyway but my husband used the withdrawal method.

Before that, we had always been using condoms but perhaps both of us preferred withdrawal method and continued that for one year. However, I must warn you that my doctor repeatedly advised me to use a more full-proof method as withdrawal method has a high risk as it's not totally effective.

Today I think, we were young (I was in my mid-twenties) and foolish and even though we were lucky and I didn't get pregnant, I would not advise this for anyone.

'Pop a pill'

Malvika Singh, 36, Teacher: I had a very difficult pregnancy and I was told by the doctor not to get pregnant anytime before 2 years. She advised my partner to use condoms but because I was so paranoid I insisted that I be on pills too.

My doctor prescribed it to me after my six-week post-pregnancy check-up. Since I was breastfeeding my doctor explained that there are certain pills which are progestin only.

You need to talk to your doctor well about the method you may want to use and its efficacy in your situation.


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