5 key things to keep in mind before buying your baby’s first toy

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While many might say that all that little babies needs are rattles and teethers to keep them occupied, the fact is toys play a way larger role in the growth and development of a baby.

When it comes to your children, you want the best for them. From clothing to baby care products to diapers and feeding bottles, a mother keeps all the factors in mind before finally settling down for the brand of her choice for her baby.

But, there’s one essential thing that most mommies miss out on during this careful selection process — the toys!

“Yes, that’s true! Even I didn’t give a lot of thought to the kind of toys that I want to buy for my first baby. But I am not going to leave out the toys second-time around,” says Ankur, mommy of a five-year-old boy Arjun. She is expecting her second baby in February.

While many might say that all that little babies need are rattles and teethers to keep them occupied; the fact is, toys play a much larger role in their growth and development than you can imagine.


“Besides, they might contain harmful plastics and other chemicals, if you are not careful about the brand,” says mummy Anjana, who has a two-year-old son Yuvaan.

The truth is, there are many factors that mothers should keep in mind when buying the first toy for their babies. Good toys are those that not only look attractive to your baby, but also:

1. Are safe to use

Anjana says that the safety of her baby is very important to her and she keeps that in mind when buying toys for her little one. “I am so particular about what Yuvaan eats. I can’t let him put anything that is harmful in his mouth,” she says. (And mums know that toys always end up in babies’ mouths.)

The best toys for infants are those made with soft, chemical-free substances and those that do not contain any rough or sharp edges. They should also not come with too many small parts, as these then become a choking hazard for your baby.

2. Help develop their motor skills

It is advisable to buy toys that help develop your baby’s motor skills such as those that encourage them to reach out or grab, improve their hand-eye coordination, and stimulate their hearing.

“I’ve read many articles that say that babies should be given toys that help improve their motor skills, so I keep them in mind before I buy one,” says Ankur.

Parents also love toys that are vibrant and colourful, as they are a feast for the baby’s eyes.

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3. Improve physical activity

Once your baby crosses the three-month mark and is able to keep his head steady, you can buy an activity toy for them that, not only encourages them to bat and grasp, but also pushes them to reach and roll over.

“My doctor told me to give toys that make my baby physically active instead of giving him only hand toys. Because of this, not only does my baby feel hungry soon, he also sleeps on time as he is tired,” says Princy Sengar, mother of two-year-old Sarthak.

It must be said that while there are many activity playpens/mats that are available in the market, be sure to get ones that are safe and contain proper cushioning and support for your baby.

4. Enhance their learning powers

Another key factor is to opt for toys that push your baby to act such as musical toys and ones that contain toy bars that encourage them to grab, squeeze, hold, and grasp. Such toys stimulate the baby’s learning, keeping them amused and entertained at the same time.

“My little one plays with his baby gym as he likes to listen to music that plays whenever he grasps a hanging toy. He has now understood that he has to press the toy each time he wants to listen to the music,” says Ankur, who works for a Mumbai-based media company.

5. Keep them occupied

Everyone knows that babies get distracted way too easily, which is why a good toy is one that keeps a baby occupied for a long time and one the baby refuses to part with.

“Of course I consider other things as well, but for me the most important thing is that the toy should keep my baby occupied so that I can take my bath peacefully or work in the kitchen for half-an-hour at a stretch as I have no support at home,” says Richa Joshi, mother of two-year-old Ahaan.

Therefore, it becomes all the more important to find the perfect one-stop solution that becomes your baby’s “best playtime, rest time, seat and feed time buddy”.

The question now arises – where does one find that one – solution, which encompasses all the above factors?

No need to fret mommies as Fisher Price’s 4-in-1 baby’s essential kit is just the right combination of toys, gyms and baby gear, which is just what a new mom/baby needs. Suitable from birth to three years of age, it has multiple modes of play, development and grow-with-me features that help a mother feed, sleep, seat, and entertain the baby; all at one time.

  • The “kick and play piano gym” keeps your baby entertained especially when they are restless and wants to burn all the extra energy. What’s more, its detachable toy bar keeps your tot busy.
  • The “clean and go booster seat” is compact and can be carried anywhere. Indeed, a perfect feeding chair that would allow your baby to enjoy meals with the family.
  • The “comfort curve bouncer” has steady and calming vibrations that keep the baby calm and help moms rest their baby in the perfectly comfortable seat. Yes, you have to try it to believe it!
  • But, that’s not all! The icing on the cake is the 4 piece bedding set to make your little angel sleep peacefully and comfortably.

So, if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop solution for all your baby’s needs, buy the Fisher-Price baby’s first essential gift set now!

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