5 important lessons all dads must teach their sons

5 important lessons all dads must teach their sons

There's more to teaching your sons besides strength and bravery

Most dads keep to themselves, preferring their actions speak louder than any words of wisdom ever could.

But, if we look closely and we get older, it gets easier to understand the important life lesssons they’ve been teaching us all along.

For new dads who seem daunted by this whole fatherhood thing, it may give some comfort to know that you don’t have to have it all figured out but no matter who you are, you hold priceless life lessons that could help your son grow up with strength and integrity.

1. If you can manage by yourself, then do it

Value constant learning and self-reliance. At the end of the day, we are all on our own. This may sound harsh and sure, it’s nice to have people you can count on, but going through life knowing that whatever happens, you’ve got your back,  and that you can learn to do anything, is both humbling and empowering.

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2. All work has value

It doesn’t matter if you grow up to be a doctor, a plumber, or an artist, all work has meaning.

In the same way, treat others with respect. Greet the doorman with as much enthusiasm as you would when you meet the CEO of a multinational conglomerate.

Taking pride in what you do and respecting others for their choice of profession or livelihood will shape you into becoming a person of integrity.

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3. Accept mistakes for what they are

Often, as we go through life, we tend to want to justify wrongdoing through reasoning. But dads should teach their sons, while they are a young, to call a spade, a spade.

Morality issues such as cheating and lying cannot be taken lightly because doing so devalues integrity and honor.

4. Real men say ‘Thank you’

It’s not just lip service but a deep sense of gratitude is one of the best gifts a dad can give his son. By slowly teaching them that there are a lot of things (not always material things) to be thankful for.

When they learn, at an early age, to be thankful for the little things they’ll learn to appreciate it when great things start happening; an appreciation coupled with humility.

5. Kindness goes a long way

Often dads focus on raising strong boys that less time is spent on cultivating gentleness and kindness. Teach them that there is more than one way to be strong.

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