5 funny dads on twitter you should follow ASAP!

5 funny dads on twitter you should follow ASAP!

These funny dads know that being a good parent has a lot to do with having a great sense of humor

In the age of Snapchat and Instagram, there seems to be one social media platform left that best suits dad humor: good ol' Twitter.

Followers just can't get enough of their dry humor, simple anecdotes and blunt perspectives on life raising kids.

Follow these funny fathers for more laughs in your twitterverse.

Exploding Unicorn

One dad has been cracking up twittererse with his hilarious daily conversations with his four sassy daughters, who are all under the age of five.

From the economy to romance, no topic is sacred. Their candid private conversations has earned the comedic dad social media star status.His account, @XplodingUnicorn, has delighted over 418,000 twitter users who look forward to his daily updates.

"I think it connects with so many people because there's no such thing as a normal kid," the Chicago-based dad told ABC news. "Everybody's children are weird. I just took the time to sit down and point it out.”

Though he currently works at an office, he dreams of becoming a full-time comedy writer. And judging by his hilarious tweets, it’s safe to say he’s got a long, fruitful career ahead of him.

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Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool star doesn't just make audiences laugh on the big screen but on their palm-sized screens as well.

His entertaining feed proves just how funny he can be sans a script!

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Classic Dad Moves

This dad celebrates the charming lameness of dads with mostly visual jokes!

Classic dad moves are universal and this dad proves that all dads are equally adorkable!

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Playing Dad

This mysterious dad who goes only by “Tim” is similar to Exploding Unicorn because of his dialogue-driven tweets. But, instead of his sassy kids doling out the comedy, it’s him who delivers the best punchlines.

Chris Gayner

This comedian and stay-at-home dad has an entertaining quirky way of summing up the universal parenting journey in at totally relatable way!

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