5 fitness mantras of busy mum Tara Sharma Saluja

5 fitness mantras of busy mum Tara Sharma Saluja

Let's take a look at what keeps this busy working mum healthy and fit; and more importantly how she bounced back into her pre-baby body in no time

Soon after finishing her higher education from the London School of Economics, Tara Sharma Saluja began her career as financial consultant and worked in multinational corporations before setting out to pursue her true passion- acting.

She started her acting career Om Jai Jagdish (2002) and followed it up with praiseworthy chops in Khosla Ka Ghosla, Page 3, Saaya and Masti. But today, she plays the most important role of her life, that of being a mother to her two sons Zen (7) and Kai (5).

In fact, taking a leaf out of her life as a mother, she started The Tara Sharma Show that gave a platform for her to discuss all things parenting. And time and again, she has shared her secret to staying healthy and fit. But what the show doesn't provide is a candid sneak peek into her diet and exercise regime, something she has only shared on her Instagram account.

Let's take a look at what keeps this busy working mum healthy and fit; and more importantly how she bounced back into her pre-baby body in no time.

#1 Yoga, thrice a week

In an interview to a daily she mentioned, "When I’m not pressed for time I try to get in a yoga session 3 times a week." The yummy mummy is quite fond of yoga and credits being regular with it as her best kept secret for getting back into shape post delivery.

#2 Running everyday

"I run almost every day for 15 to 20 minutes and follow up with some calisthenics. Still the first thing I do in the morning is go for a run because if I leave it for the end of the day it never happens. It’s weird, I really got into shape after I had kids. Just having kids to run after is itself a huge exercise," she mentioned.

Continue reading to know how she maintains her svelte figure and inspires other to work hard as well.

#3 Eating right, even while travelling

During the same interview she mentioned, "Honestly, my diet hasn’t changed. I eat a lot and I eat everything because my metabolism is high and I have 2 energetic kids to take care of. As a family we generally eat healthy and avoid very oily stuff. My husband Roopak is often on diet, so sometimes because of him, I end up eating what he eats, which is usually low calorie. But I don’t want to lose more weight." And it seems this is applicable even when she is vacationing with the family

#4 Breastfeeding the babies

In another write up for a leading daily she shared this secret. "My secret to being back to size zero after pregnancy is a combination of exercising, eating right, breastfeeding, keeping on my toes with diaper changing, playing with Zen and the fact that years of exercise has helped me have a fast metabolism," she said.

#5 Keeping a positive attitude

In the same write up she spoke about how she maintained cool and was able to bounce back to her original form in no time after delivery. "The main ingredient was Zen (pun intended) being as calm and chilled-out as possible through it all and our little son Zen, who is the very reason I discovered this art!" she said.

Well, we hope that other women get inspired by her and follow these lifestyle changes.

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