47-year-old finds out she’s pregnant an hour before giving birth

47-year-old finds out she’s pregnant an hour before giving birth

The woman from Massachusetts thought that the weight gain was because of her age and as she was about to hit menopause

In a bizarre incident, a 47-year-old woman got to know about her pregnancy, just few hours before her labour pain.

Judy Brown, from Massachusetts, went to a hospital complaining about suffering from a severe abdominal pain, only to be told that she was pregnant and suffering from labour. An hour later, Brown gave birth to an eight-pound baby girl.

Even with a growing stomach, Brown thought that it was because of her age and that she was about to hit menopause. "It was a little bit scary getting into the hospital thinking something really bad was going on," Brown told ABC News. "To understand and take in that was I pregnant and was about to go into labour..it was very overwhelming," she added.

According to Kimberly Gecsi, an obstetrician and gynecologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, it’s possible for women to not to know that they are pregnant till they enter labour. "Such cases are rare, she said, but possible," Kimberly told ABC News.

Brown has been married for 22 years and this is their first child, whom they have named Carolyn Rose. Both the baby and the mother are doing well, according to the sources.

Pic courtesy: ABC News

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