At 43, there is ONE beauty tool that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan relies on...

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… and the good news is that we all have it in our make up bags

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the real queen of the hearts. Every appearance that she makes, she is sure to leave her fans swooning over her drop-dead gorgeous looks.

In the latest picture posted online by a lifestyle website, Aishwarya Rai is defying all parameters of aging and looking younger than ever. Not only her hair styled in bangs, presumably done only for the shoot look gorgeous but also with her scarlet red pout she looks like a vision to behold.


While there is no doubt that Ash is extremely beautiful and is blessed with chiseled features, if makeup maestros are to be believed she has also mastered one beauty trick that ensures she never looks ordinary, even on the dullest day!

Aishwarya’s secret armour to light up her facial features every time, if you haven’t guessed it by now is a lipstick! Yes, that potent tool that all of us women carry in our make up bags, stash on our vanity tables and feel empowered by even on the most trying days.


If you notice, Aishwarya always plays big with her lips. Whether it was that stunning red lip stick that she wore with a golden gown in Cannes a few seasons ago or that purple dramatic lipstick she wore at Cannes last year, Ash has not shied away from highlighting one of her most prominent features.

Ash has maintained that classic beauty wisdom that highlighting one feature at a time goes a long way in making that stunning appearance.

According to make up experts a lipstick done right is one of the best ways for a woman to light up her entire looks. From the choice of the colour to the matte or shine finish that you may choose it is possible to add that celebratory touch to a simple outfit with that right swipe of shade.


Aishwarya with her experiments with the lipstick hues also busts that classic mytheveryt ever woman must use that one shade that suits her best. She shows us that it is possible to create an equally stunning effect by going from one spectrum of shade to another.


The secret is to apply to well and to carry it confidently! Here’s how to win the lipstick gameLike with any other beauty tool the way you apply a lipstick makes the difference. Here are a few tips to ensure you have that perfect pout

  1. Prep up your lips: The swipe works right if you lips are in perfect plump and hydrated state. Chapped or dry lips will not hold the lipstick well so the preparation for that great pout begins a night in advance. Every night smear a generous amount of lip balm to nourish your lips. Vaseline works just as well as most other expensive balms so rely on the classic
  2. Create a base: Just as you moisturize and then create a concealer layer on your face before make up, the lips too demand a favourable base to create that stunning effect. Apply a bit of concealer to make your lipstick stay longer and ensure to blend it well.
  3. Use a lip liner: The number one mistake we make is applying lipstick directly. Just as while colouring a canvas you need a boundary to fill in the colour art fully. Choosea colour close to the shade you are applying and work in long sweeping strokes with the lip liner. Next fill in the lips with the shade you choose. You can work a coat of clear gloss in case you want a glossy effect.
  4. The master tip: When you are done just take a bit of clear lip gloss on your finger tip and just dab it on the center of your lips for that mysterious sheen.

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