41-year-old woman in India discovered with third breast after pregnancy!

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Fearing social stigma, the mother did not speak about the condition of her third breast for a decade till the pain of the weight became unbearable for her to manage

Little did 41-year-old Kanta Sharma (name changed) must have realised that her first pregnancy would give her something else besides her little bundle of joy–a third breast.

In a rarest of the rare case, Kanta was diagnosed with polymastia, also known as an accessory breast. The extra breast may appear with or without nipples.

third breast

The left breast had grown three times the size of the right breast

Kanta had been hiding her condition from her family members for last 10 years due to the fear of social stigma. She had even socially withdrew herself. However, the dragging pain in her left shoulder and arm because of the massive weight of her third breast became unbearable and she had to seek medical intervention.

By the time the doctors could inspect her, the left breast had grown three times the size of the right breast. Besides, a small extra nipple could also been seen.

After an ultrasound, the doctors found a large mass of tissue which looked similar in consistency to the left breast but distinct from it. The only good part about the entire case was that there were no signs of cancer.

A mastectomy was performed to remove the third breast along with the nipple. The surgery took two hours to complete the third breast weighing 700gm.

third breast

The surgery took two hours to complete the third breast weighing 700gm

Kanta’s case study was published in the British Medical Journal, “Of course, it’s not just females who can be affected by this congenital (present from birth) condition. Between 1% and 3% of males also have it, and about a third of all people with polymastia have more than one area of extra tissue growth,” author of the case study Dr Bharati Hiremath told IFLScience.

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The case study was published in the British Medical Journal

Previous studies have linked abnormal tissue growths to kidney impairments. But there has not been enough data to support this. Tissue growth can occur anywhere not just around the breasts. They have also been known to form in the groin, buttocks, back, ears, and thighs.

Image courtesy: British Medical Journal

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