Shocking! 4-year-old Hyderabad boy dies after wrapping his face around polythene

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Sriyaan reportedly wrapped his face completely with a plastic cover. This blocked his nose and mouth completely leading to asphyxiation.

In an unfortunate incident, a 4-year-old boy died of suffocation after he covered his face with a polythene. The incident occurred at his home in Nizampet, Hyderabad.

What happened exactly

Sriyaan reportedly wrapped his face completely with a plastic cover. This blocked his nose and mouth completely leading to asphyxiation. Sadly, in his effort to remove the plastic, it actually became tighter leading to a state of unconsciousness.

An early report by the daily suggests that his mother was not aware that the boy was playing with a plastic cover. However, after finding him unconscious and lying on the floor, the parents rushed him to a hospital. And during his treatment, he lost his life.

Not the first case of negligence

Sadly, deaths due to negligence have been reported earlier as well.

In March this year, a four-year-old boy died of asphyxiation after being accidentally locked inside a car in Mumbai. Since it was a stolen car parked at the Damodar Park area in the city it went unnoticed.

In 2014, in a similar incident, a boy locked himself in a car and died of the same causes.

Most of these cases highlight the importance of playground safety in India.

5 steps to ensure child safety (while playing outside)

As a parent, you must know that even cautious children sometimes end up with major injuries. So its best to prepare yourself as well as the kids so they can foresee any danger and move away from it.

Here are a few pointers on what you can do:

  • Be ready: It is obvious that some children are just more adventurous than others. So If you feel your child has that tendency, then gear up for possible dangers. Get your kid in the habit of staying away from dangerous places of play and make sure to tell them what is dangerous.
  • Ensure he/she plays in groups: Playing outside can expose your kids to possible life-threatening dangers and even to pedophiles and sexual abuse. So ensure that his/her friends are playing along. Invite them and their parents if needed, so you also have an extra eye on them.
  • Provide a safe play zone: It is important to create a safe play zone for your kids. Make sure that they stay inside for as long as they play there. So even if you are not watching, you know they are safe. However, if you cannot create one, let them know exactly where you do not want them to be.
  • Be aware: Try to actually be with them when they are playing. Play the playground detective with them and keep a close eye on where your kids are running around. Being watchful will ensure extra safety for your kids.
  • Teach them about strangers: It is impossible to keep an eye your children at all times. So the best way is to teach them about strangers. Tell them why they should stay away from people they do not know or otherwise recognise.

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