4 Loving ways hubbies can truly satisfy their wives in bed!

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Making your feel loved means pleasing her in every way, including the bedroom! Here are some top tips for husbands to satisfy wives in bed!

The first thing to remember is: it's all about anticipation.

Women don't necessarily view sex the way men do. While men respond more to visual stimulation, many women need to feel emotionally connected to be aroused. They also want to feel valued and wanted.

You know your wife better than anyone, but are there times when you want to satisfy her more between the sheets? Start by doing these 4 things!

1. Don't take foreplay for granted

Like we said, it's all about the buildup and anticipation. Excite her by not rushing things. Arouse her by making her feel like there's no place you'd rather be than in the moment, savouring each touch and how she responds to it.

2. Give her body more attention

Try caressing or kissing parts of her that you don't normally linger on, like her neck or breasts. If you've taken kissing her on the lips for granted, try doing so more often. This makes sex feel more intimate and loving. You can also try giving her oral sex more often to make her truly feel that you want to please her.

4 Loving ways hubbies can truly satisfy their wives in bed!

3. Work on your technique

Throw your ego out the door and be honest with yourself about what areas you need to work on. Should you familiarise yourself with her clitoris and g-spot? Do you need to be more open to dirty talk or role playing? Do you need more stamina and endurance to last longer?

4. Listen to her

This doesn't simply mean listening to her instructions; this also means paying attention to the cues her body gives you. Don't pressure her by asking too many questions. Instead, be patient and give her space. Show her that you're determined to please her. This effort, alone, can truly sweep her off her feet!

*Republished with permission from theAsianparent Philippines

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