3 Words that will completely change how you discipline your child

3 Words that will completely change how you discipline your child

These 3 words are sure to make you rethink how you discipline your child! Read on to learn more.

It's easy to get angry at your child

It's normal for parents to get mad at their kids. Whenever they do something wrong, whether it's on purpose or not, a parent's initial reaction would usually be anger or frustration. Sometimes, you'll even shout at your child to try and get their attention, or to scare them into submission because you're angry at them.

And then, if your child tries to explain themselves, you feel that they're trying to talk back to you, so you get even more mad, and it just escalates.

However, using anger or negative emotions to discipline your child, would only make things worse. Using fear and intimidation are not good ways to discipline your child, as you don't want them to grow up thinking that the only way to get people to listen to them would be to get angry and shout at people. Negativity breeds even more negativity, and that's the last thing that you want your child to learn.

No parent wants their child to be bullied or hurt by anyone, and if you constantly hurt your child emotionally, then you end up being the bully, or the bad guy in their eyes. Threats only make your child lose their respect for you, and that's not a good thing for any parent.

Raising your child using an environment of love, respect, and understanding means that they'll grow up to keep those values close to their hearts, and every decision they make will be guided by those values.

So, how can a parent raise their child in that kind of environment?

It's just 3 words: Only love today

These 3 words are all that you need to remember whenever you're trying to discipline your child. Love should always be the focus of any lesson that you're trying to teach your child. If they did something wrong, and you want them to learn from their mistakes, don't think about how angry you are, or how frustrated you are that your child did something wrong. Instead, focus on your love for your child, and why you want them to learn, and why you want to discipline them in the first place.

Instead of immediately shouting at your child if they do something wrong, take a couple of minutes to calm yourself, and really think about how you'll approach the situation. Keeping calm and composed and choosing the right words to address your child is important when it comes to discipline.

Explain to them what they did wrong, and why it's not something that they should do. If you have to punish them, then you can do so by grounding them, asking them to do extra chores, or limiting the time they have watching TV, playing outside, or using the computer or their gadgets.

After the punishment, or after lecturing them, make sure to reassure your child that you still love them and care about them deeply. They need to understand that you only want what's best for them, and they would learn to respect you, and follow what you say.

Whenever you feel the urge to shout at your child, or get angry at them, always think to yourself "Only love today," and those 3 words should be enough for you to remember what you should do instead. Now, more than ever, raising a kinder generation is very important, and teaching kids to be kinder should start at home.

Source: community.today.com

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