3 things all women of today MUST learn from the fiery Kangana Ranaut

3 things all women of today MUST learn from the fiery Kangana Ranaut

#1. If you are right, stay out in your stance politely and gently and do not waiver.

Last weekend when Kangana Ranaut appeared on the popular television talk show Aap Ki Adalat, what unfolded was one of the frankest, brash, honest and even controversial interviews of all times in the history of Indian television.

While Kangana has never been the one to mince words this time the lady completely owned up all her past affairs and allegations. And while we do not say that everything that Kangana said or did in her life is an inspiration to follow what we do believe however is that Kangana with her brave stance has definitely given many goals for women of today.

Here are three things that we think that every modern woman of today can learn from Kangana:

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1.Staying undeterred when you are right:  This is one of the most common compromises that women, especially in an Indian set up, make. We own up to things when we know we are not in the wrong. Whether it is to appease our husband or to butter up the ego of our in laws; so many times married women particularly take a lot of flak even though they know that they are being wronged.

What Kangana taught us by daring to look straight into the eyes of a Bollywood superstar is that if you bow down and apologize for mistakes that you never made in the first place, the world will take no time to trample upon you.

So next time if your husband or parents ask you to take a middle route and compromise to diffuse a situation tell them that by doing this you will be setting a wrong premise for the future. If you are right, stay out in your stance politely and gently and do not waiver.

2. Admitting to shortcomings: All of us have some back history or a family tale we would rather hide than talk about. But sometimes it is better to embrace the past, admit it and take pride in the fact that how you were able to work your situation for the better. 

Take note on how Kangana handles the fact that she came from an extremely conservative and biased towards women society and instead of skirting the issue she prides herself that she was able to not only come out of the situation but also through her journey was able to even change the perceptions for the better.

The lesson to be learned here is: Sometimes when no one is taking notice of the brave journey that you may have undertaken in life it is recommended to give yourself a pat on the back and talk about your brave struggles. The world is bound to take note.

Whether it is that little fight that you put up with your parents to allow you to study further or you carved a career for yourself after marriage  and kids, make it a point to talk and highlight them as it not only will boost your ego but also set a great example for many women trapped in situations similar to these to take things in their control.

3.Never be scared of failure: The most remarkable thing about Kangana’s journey remains is that she rose to fame despite all the odds. If she would have been scared of failure she would have stayed back in her village after all who would believe that a girl from a small town with no contact or qualification in acting would go on to receive 3 national awards?

Remember to inch ahead towards your goal even if the odds point against it. If you stop yourself from trying you have lost the battle anyway. Remember failure teaches hard but valuable lessons. Giving up without even a fair fight is cowardly so go ahead aim for the stars and do not settle for the skies!

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