3 powerful things dads should tell their daughters every day

3 powerful things dads should tell their daughters every day

Uplifting words truly empower young girls. Read on to find out how dads can inspire their daughters through the power of words

As young girls grow up, it’s not just their interests that change but also the way they are affected by the words their parents use when relating to them.

One dad shared how, as his daughter grows into her teen years, she realised how cold and misunderstanding the world can be.

Whenever he would comfort his daughter and offer wisdom, this taught him how powerful his words could be; he learned just how much his uplifting words changed the way his daughter viewed herself.

things dad should tell their daughters

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His experience, which he shared with Babble, holds much insight for dads who are uncertain of how they can effectively empower and communicate with their daughters as they blossom into young ladies.

Though young girls are bound to struggle with identity and self-esteem, it always helps to remind them about what matters—that they matter.

Choosing words wisely, and with love, is a necessary habit for each parent.

Find out the three simple statements fathers should always keep in mind to uplift their daughters each and every day, on the next page.

1. “You’re beautiful.”

A quick scan of the covers of the latest magazines is enough to let any parent know about how much pressure young girls are under to look a certain way.

Their concept of beauty and self-worth is largely defined by what the media feeds them. These narrow perceptions of how girls and women should look like is a recipe for low self-esteem and body image issues.

So, it’s important that they receive reassurance from their parents that they are indeed beautiful and worthy of love.

Telling them they are beautiful will help them win that internal battle with self-doubt. It builds their confidence, arming them with an unwavering love for themselves no matter what labels the world forces upon them.

2. “I love you no matter what.”

The pressure to achieve perfection can often cause young girls to seek out the wrong relationships, possessions, or beliefs.

No child (or parent) can be perfect—and neither should they strive to be—so it’s important for dads to remind their daughters that they are entitled to be loved even when they mess up.

A father’s unwavering love is not determined by circumstances or shortcomings.

3. “You have purpose.”

Young girls who see that they inspire confidence in their dads grow up inspired.

Life can be a daunting journey, especially when you’re young and uncertain about what you want to do with your life.

But hearing these three words can give girls endless reassurance to strive for their dreams, love their lives, and to keep learning.

Dads should make it their responsibility to let their daughters feel beautiful, valued, and loved as they grow into their best selves.

The world is messy. So, in order for parents to help their children traverse this chaotic world, they should remind them that there is always an unlimited supply of understanding and patience that they can all come home to.

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