3-month-old dies on a changing table. The reason will break your heart!

3-month-old dies on a changing table. The reason will break your heart!

The baby was left alone on a changing table by her mum, before she went to fix a meal for the little one. What happened afterward was tragic!

Lacy Lynn Tayor lost her tiny tot to a freak accident. According to this report, theDes Moines mum had just left the infant on the changing table to go and fix her bottle. By the time she came back, the baby was no more.

No, she didn’t fall off the table. The little girl passed away after suffocating on the table, when her mum was away. Apparently, the infant rolled over, compressed her neck on the ledge of the changing table, and couldn’t breathe. The mother has been charged with child endangerment resulting in death. While her husband said that it was an accident, the court believes that the mother was aware that the baby could roll over and hence, shouldn’t have left her unattended.

While, chances are that the mother did not deliberately wish ill for the baby, the fact is that the baby is no more. There’s nothing that can be undone. Not only will the mum have to live with the guilt of having been negligent, but the whole family will have to endure this lifelong pain of having lost the baby.

Certain accidents can be averted. It’s a matter of being careful enough. While baby safety seems like something quite simple, sometimes simple logic seems to skip our attention and a tragedy occurs. In this case, the mother could have just carried the bub along or asked someone else to keep an eye on her. Here are a few tips on how to avert some of these baby-related accidents:

baby safety

  • Baby safety in the bath:
  1. Check the water temperature before placing the baby in the tub.
  2. Install covers for bath taps.
  3. Use non-slip mats in and out of the tub.
  4. Install toilet lock so the tender fingers don’t get stuck.
  • Baby safety in the nursery:
  1. Ensure you stick to the safety standards as prescribed by the government.
  2. Declutter your baby’s crib. Keep minimal accessories, pillows and blankets to avoid risk of strangulation or suffocation.
  3. Invest in a cordless baby monitor to keep an eye on the bub even while you are away.
  • Baby safety in the car
  1. Have a rear-facing car seat until he is over a year and a half.
  2. Install the car seat properly in the middle of the back seat.
  3. The shoulder straps must be at or below your baby’s shoulders.
  4. Never put a blanket between your child and the harness straps.
  • General precautions to be taken:
  1. If there are stairs in the room, install a childproof gate.
  2. Cover your fireplace.
  3. Keep away those houseplants.
  4. Mount TV high enough for it to be inaccessible to the baby.
  5. Go for cordless window shades.
  6. Cover sharp edges of bookcases and coffee tables.

Being alert and agile may not be always possible. So, baby-proof your house and surroundings in a manner that such freak accidents just don't occur.

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Divya Nair

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