3 life lessons kids can learn from the story of Urmila

3 life lessons kids can learn from the story of Urmila

The inspiring story of Urmila truly begins with her marriage to Lakshman, who is the younger brother of Lord Ram and brother-in-law to Sita

When we remember Ramayana, we inevitably think about the characters of Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman Kaikeyi, Mandodhari and Sabari among others. After the vanvaas, the scene completely shifts to the jungle and there is barely any talk of what happens at Ayodhaya.

While the characters at the forefront admirably fulfill their duties, we forget how without the support of other important characters, their journey would not have been possible. One such character in Ramayana is that of Urmila.

The second daughter of Raja Janak and Rani Sunayana, Urmila was Sita's younger sister. She married Lakshman, Ram's younger brother at the same time her eldest sister Sita married Ram.

And when Lakshman decided to follow his brother into vanvaas for 14 years, it was Urmila who gave the ultimate sacrifice. She decided to stay back so that her husband could perform his duties as a brother.

In her mythological story, there are several moral takeaways that can still be great life-lessons for children. Let's take a look at Urmila's story and all the teachings we can apply to our daily lives.

#1 She never quit during tough times

Urmila made the ultimate sacrifice by not accompanying her new husband Lakshman, to what was the most important mission of his life. He requested her to let him go, which she reluctantly did.

story of urmila

During the first night of their vanvaas, Nidra, the goddess of sleep visited Lakshman, but he requested her to let him be awake for 14 years so he could protect his brother and sister-in-law. To which, she agreed on the condition that somebody will have to take his place and sleep for 14 years. He suggested his wife's name.

And it is said that while Ram, Sita and Lakshman were on vanvaas, Urmila slept for 14 years so her husband could stay awake and protect his family.

#2 She displayed true devotion to her cause

Urmila knew her fate was sealed when Lakshman came to her and begged her to let him go. Although skeptical, she dedicated the first 14 years of her married life to help her husband honour his duties.

Her dedication is often overlooked as a wife's duty, but it was this very quality that proves that her devotion to Lakshman was no less than his devotion to his brother Ram. Some stories also suggest that while Lakshman lived away from a life of comfort and luxury, Urmila also adopted the same immaterial life.

And while she consoled herself about the separation, she also acted as a major support to her in-laws.

#3 She held her own during adverse times

Although some stories believe that Urmila slept for 14 years as Lakshman spent that time in vanvaas, it was her patience that came to her rescue in this difficult time. She was a highly educated and a learned woman and understood what was expected of her in times of need.

Although her role is quintessentially small in the larger scheme of the events, Maharishi Valmiki categorically states that Urmila's sacrifice was unparalleled.

Clearly, all of these virtues made Urmila an unsung hero in the story of Ramayana. However, let's not forget that it is these virtues that eventually help us become a better version of ourselves; and help others in their time of need- a lesson we must all teach our children.

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