3 golden mantras that can bring down your weight considerably without any exercise

3 golden mantras that can bring down your weight considerably without any exercise

From eating oil to whole wheat breads, there are many natural things you can do to bring down excess weight if you are hard pressed for some exercise time.

To say that actor and mumpreneur Shilpa Shetty Kundra is a fitness enthusiast would perhaps be an understatement. She has been championing a lifestyle revolution for the masses and has managed to influence many to switch over to healthier options.

And as much as she emphasises the importance of working out and being active through the day, there are subtle changes that she says can drastically change the way you look.

Because after all, looking slimmer and fitter is a testimony to all the hard work you have put into making your body healthier.

So today, we take a look at Shilpa's golden food mantras that can completely transform your body.

#1 Good calories vs Bad calories

If you learn to differentiate between good and bad calories, you can trick your body into choosing healthier options. Take for instance this mantra by fit mummy Shilpa.


Good caloried foods include fruits, whole wheats, green leafy vegetables as well as nuts. Consuming these on a daily basis not only keeps the gut bacteria healthy, it also works on body metabolism, digestion and keeps the skin clear and healthy.

However, consuming junk foods and biscuits or shortbreads as well as packaged foods such as cereals can reduce the energy in the body, make you feel lethargic and increase body fat in the process.

So even if you do not get the time to exercise on a daily basis, opting for healthier food options can also drastically reduce fat content.

#2 Keep a tab on your sugar content

Most Indians love their jalebis and gulab jamuns. But while taking a bite into these sweet meats occasionally is not harmful, increasing an intake of sugar in your daily diet can be.


Keep a tab on the sugar content that you take in. You don't have to take up a no sugar challenge, but carefully curate the amount of sugar you consume.

For instance, eating fruits or tea infused with honey or jaggery and even eating whole wheat bread will not harm your body. These are necessary sugars that are needed to regulate digestion and sugars in jaggery even act as anti-oxidants that prevent free radicals, thereby making you look youthful and healthy.

On the other hand, sugary fizzy drinks, sugar-laced tea and even breakfast cereals slow down the metabolism and take more time to digest, thereby, increasing the fat in the body.

#3 Do not say 'NO' to fats

Yes, you read that right. Not all fats and oils are bad for the health. In fact, in our country no subzi is prepared without the addition of oil or ghee.


Even celebrity nutritionist and author Rujuta Diwekar advises that consuming ghee or oil in some form is good for the body.

Her famous client Kareena Kapoor Khan recently shared, "Just so everybody knows I had lots of ghee. Even in my daal I want a little bit of it. I enjoyed the taste and it is literally helping me with my skin, my hair, everything."

And this is also Shilpa's mantra.

Consuming clean form of oil and homemade ghee is needed for the body in order to increase the Vitamin A, D, E and K content. You can also include fatty nuts such as almonds, walnuts as well as coconut oil in your daily meals to get the best result.

All of these changes in your diet can lead to a better and healthier you, especially if you are hard pressed for exercise time. However, as most experts suggest being physically active is the key to an even faster weight loss and a toned body.

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Deepshikha Punj

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