3 effective Indian tricks I use to keep the cold away from my kids every winter

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It’s that time of the year when my home gets filled with the sounds of sneezing and wheezing and runny noses running around the house! And as most of you moms will agree, it is not a pleasant sound, in fact, it’s quite horror-inducing actually to realize that the cool months are here and your baby is getting ready to catch the flu bug.

Such instances were pretty common at my place earlier, but for the past couple years, I have started using simple home tips and tricks that help me take care of my kids better. Here are a few things that have worked well for us, so I hope it works for your kids as well.

Indian remedies to the rescue

1. Adding Black Pepper And Clove To Foods – Once your baby is about a year old, you can start introducing your little one to the family pot concept, which means your baby can start eating almost all the things that you eat at home.

This is a good time to introduce your baby to most of the traditional Indian spices. If your child is older, you can definitely add these spices to everyday foods.

  • Black pepper helps to open the nasal passage and fights phlegm, reduces cold symptoms, induces sneezing and removes accumulated phlegm. It also boosts immunity.
  • Clove keeps the respiratory system in good health, fights cold and cough symptoms and helps the digestive system function properly.

Tip: Just add these to dals, soups and any other vegetable, khichdi or food you make for your child.

2. Make A Warm Tea Using Cardamom, Bay Leaf And Cinnamon: Cardamom eases symptoms of cold and cough, prevents throat infection and has anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe your child’s throat.

Bay leaf is very effective against cold and cough, while cinnamon warms the body and prevents cold and cough, as well as increases blood flow which increases oxygen level in blood and fights cold.

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Tip: Make a soothing tea by adding all the above to a pan of water. Bring to a boil and remove from heat, then strain the water. Once the water becomes warm, let your child sip on it.

3. Mustard Oil Massage – Mustard oil has various antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-rheumatic properties that make it perfect for winter use. Many mums are worried that it is not good for babies and young children, but I have used it for both my kids, and the results have always worked.

The best part about mustard oil is that you can use it as an overall massage oil to keep your child’s skin safe from winter dryness, use it as a warming agent to ease phlegm and reduce cold and cough symptoms, as well as use it for cooking to get more health benefits.

Tip: Moisturize your child’s skin by regularly applying moisturisers and oils, as applying mustard oil on very dry skin can create a burning sensation. Massage your baby with mustard oil regularly to prevent winter dryness and flakiness. Warm the oil and use it to massage the chest and throat area to ease any cold and cough symptoms.

Disclaimer: These home-remedies have been tried by the author and its use and results can vary from person to person. This article does not guarantee a 100 percent result because some people may have allergies to certain types of ingredients. Please consult a doctor before trying it out four your baby.

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