Mums, here are 3 easy beauty hacks to help you get ready in 10 minutes!

Mums, here are 3 easy beauty hacks to help you get ready in 10 minutes!

Get ready in just 10 minutes with these super easy hacks and get a flawless Kareena Kapoor Khan finish!

Finding time to look glamourous, especially when you have a kids can be a real struggle. Let’s be real, sometimes even four hours of sleep is a luxury and that means you definitely go not get the time to look after your own self, let alone have your hair in place.

But what to do you do when you have to get ready or look glamourous for an occasion and you have just about 10 minutes to get ready? Well, in that case, you use hacks to make your life easier and faster. Yes, you read that right.

We curated a list of five of the most common problems all mums face and their easy 5-minute solutions. We bet, once you start using these hacks, you won’t go back!

#1 Hide those dark circles

Let’s be honest, we’ve all faced this problem and didn’t know how to deal with it. But with this simple hack, you can ace a perfect canvas for your eye shadow! You won’t even see the grey that you earlier did, with just the concealer. All you need for this hack is a red or an orange lipstick. Yes!

Image courtesy: Youtube/Deepica Mutyala

Image courtesy: Youtube/Deepica Mutyala

Apply the red/orange lipstick around your eyes onto the dark circles. Then follow it up by applying your concealer (with a brush or a beauty blender) and lock it with a loose powder.

And, you are good to go! This trick is perfect for all Indian skin shades and trust us when we say this, you will never just use a concealer once you start using this trick (read, tried and tested)!

You can also use your lipshades as blush and eyeshadows and lock them in with a loose powder.

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#2 Lighten a lip shade and make it stay for longer

Haven’t we all had a shade that is too dark for our skin colour or sometimes we may just be in the mood for a nude shade. But if you don’t have a light colour and do not wish to waste money buying a new shade, worry not; there is a hack for that too! All you need is a concealer and some loose powder.

Image courtesy: Youtube/ AanchalMUA

Image courtesy: Youtube/ AanchalMUA

Most of us usually have a pink or a red shade in our makeup kit, but not necessarily a nude one. So to lighten your shade, just apply some concealer on top of your lip shade and gently dab it all over your lips. Your lipstick will automatically lighten.

As for keeping it set for longer, all you need in addition is a tissue paper. Place the tissue over your lips and then pick up some loose powder with your brush and gently brush it over your lips. This should be done with just a smidgen of loose powder. This trick will keep your lipshade in place for many hours.

An additional tip: If your lips get stained with a dark colour and you have to change into a new lighter shade, dab some concealer on your lips before you apply the next shade and you will get its true colour!

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#3 Make your face look slimmer

Another one of our major worries is how to make our face look slimmer. Well, there is a simple trick to do the job. You would need either a bronzer, or a nude lip shade or a brown eye shadow. If you have either, you can instantly take off kilos from your face. All you need to do is to contour.

Image courtesy: Youtube/ MrJovita George

Image courtesy: Youtube/ MrJovita George

After you’ve applied your foundation (which can be a mixture of moisturiser and a BB cream), use the brown eyeshadow or the nude lipstick and apply it in a thin line onto your cheeks (pout to find the exact line below the cheekbone), on the either corners of the bridge of your nose and also on the jawline.

Blend it well with a brush or a beauty blender and you will instantly notice the effect. Lock it with a loose powder. Now apply your blush and highlighter (if you like), lipstick and you are good to go.

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