3 comments every working mother is tired of hearing!

3 comments every working mother is tired of hearing!

Enough said!

Just a few weeks back, new mom Mira Rajput gave an interview on account of Women’s Day, which did not go down well with a lot of the females out there. While I did not go on to bash her anywhere, I will admit to the fact that I was extremely disappointed by her choice of words, especially as she knew she was saying something on live feed that would be shared amongst millions.

In the interview, Mrs. Shahid Kapoor had said, “I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child, I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with my child and rush off to work, why did I have her? She is not a puppy; I want to be there for her as a mother.”

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Everyone has the right to their express their own opinion, and the fact that Mira Rajput wants to sit at home and be with her daughter is absolutely fine. I have always respected homemakers, but that does not mean that I respect moms who work outside of home any less. I respect all mothers, who constantly do so much at home, or outside, and are always there for their children in whatever best way they can.

The fact that I am a working mother made Mira Rajput’s comments seem even more shameful. I could have talked about how it wouldn’t be right to even have a puppy and leave it alone at home the entire day, but maybe I’ll talk about it later.

As a working mother, I have heard a lot…

As a young mother who chose to work through pregnancy and even after they were born, I have heard a lot. I work from home, Monday through Friday, and I have no specific work hours, which means that it could start from early morning and stretch well past midnight. Also, many of my weekends also see me working. Here are some comments that I have personally heard a lot.

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1. “Why do you need so much money?!”: Honestly, this is one of the most common ones, and by that, I don’t mean that only outsiders say this, but my own family members have said this countless number of times. The fact that I am otherwise in a financially secure space means, for them, that I do not need to work. Sadly, it is difficult to make someone realize that yes, I too may want to earn that money at the end of the month, and spend it on my loved ones.

2. “Must be so sad to grow up with a maid”: I do have a help at home for some hours of the day, who spends time with the kids while I work. However, I take care of their food, I cook for them, I get them whatever school supplies they need, I take them to their hobby or activity places and I am always abreast of what their day is like. And yes, I am there the entire day with them, even if there is a help. But obviously the haters won’t see these!

3. “Poor baby, barely gets to be with you!”: At least in my case, I can say that I am managing the best I can, between work and spending time with my kids. Since I work from home, I wake up really early, and start working the moment my kids are off to school.

Once they are back, I talk to them about their day and spend a lot of time with them. Many days, I catch up on work till very late at night, after everyone is happily asleep. And I always try and schedule my meetings during the time of evening when my hubby is home, or on the weekend. So both my kids get to spend a lot of fun time with me.

I know I have way better ways to manage time with kids and work than a lot of other working moms out there, who may have to leave their kids home with a nanny, or at a daycare, or figure out some other way.

The fact is, all moms deserve love, respect and appreciation, for whatever they are doing. Being a mother is not a competition, it is a beautiful life journey that needs to be celebrated. So let’s show some love 🙂

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