3 Baby Skin Facts Every Parent Should Know

3 Baby Skin Facts Every Parent Should Know

Your baby’s skin is one of the most sensitive and fragile parts of their bodies. And it’s essential to provide it with the required care and nourishment early on.

Here are some interesting facts about your baby’s skin that underline the need for such emphasis on skincare.

Fact # 1:

How often do you feel tempted to touch your baby’s soft skin? Perhaps, more than often. Your baby’s skin is 30 percent thinner than yours. That’s why it is so delicate. It is vulnerable to infections and rashes. And no wonder, it needs the ultra care that it does.

Fact # 2:

Skin problems in small children is not unheard of. Many times, the problems can be more serious than one can anticipate. Your baby’s skin can lose up to five times more moisture as compared to you. So, lack of proper care can possibly lead to skin dryness, and at times, even get escalated to eczema.

Fact # 3:

Keeping your baby’s skin healthy can require some effort. Whether it is keeping their genitals clean and healthy or keeping the infections off your little one. Your baby’s skin needs regular moisturising. So, it’s rather crucial to use good quality skincare products.

3 Baby Skin Facts Every Parent Should Know

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